Running with baby

I had forgotten how HARD it is to push a baby jogger while you run. Especially if said baby weighs about 25 lbs.

Travis (best + coolest dad EVER) took the big kids into the city to "camp" at his office, hit several museums, and work on a diorama project this weekend. So after Oz and I woke up (he slept in until 9 AM this morning... thank you baby!) we decided to use my practically brand-new baby jogger and go for a run.

I ran with S all the time when she was a baby... basically every day for the first 6 months until the weather turned cold; then Mr. Billy Blanks entered our life. As I ran today, I realized this is probably why the fat seemed to melt off my body after she was born. I remember being back in my skinny jeans for her 1 month check up. It has taken me a full year (and I'm not even there yet) to lose the weight with Oz. It must have been all the running with the baby in a jogger. I am definitely going to be sore tomorrow... possibly even more sore than last weekend, when I played kickball for 1.5 hours at the Darger's farm. Best day ever.

Another thing I had forgotten is how people love to see a baby while they're exercising. We were running on a path by our house where eye contact is forbidden and the only verbal contact ever made is when people say, "on your left" as they pass you. But today I had people smiling, waving, cooing, and commenting as I ran by. That Oz is such a crowd pleaser.


carrie said...

I really, really hope the fat melts off my body. I will run with this baby in tow if it kills me!

Although I'm not going to lie, when Rand gave me his double jogging stroller I had images of Dave on a run pushing the jogging stroller, with the baby and I strapped in - side by side.

Mom Lewis said...

What a sweetheart Travis is to take the big kids to the city for a campout at his office, and then spend the day with them taking them to museums etc. I know they adore him, and spending time with them and building memories like that with them-- are priceless.

Plus giving Sara a day to spend just with baby Oz and to sleep in, what a bonus!!

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