Making Dave Proud

Here it is, the lawn. More pictures of grass than you'd ever want to see. And one of Oz, who now tries to escape every time someone accidentally leaves the door open.

In other news, I just figured out you can add more than one picture at a time on blogger. I can't believe I didn't figure it out before.



carrie said...

Wow! It is so plush! Nice work!

I'm glad to see Oz is using the pathway...Dave would not approve of anyone actually stepping/crawling/breathing on the grass.

eryka said...

Nice grass!!!

Mom Lewis said...

The grass is amazingly beautiful. Yes I have seen it in all stages, right after Met and his crack landscapers (ha), seeded it and we watered it and watered it. Then as Sara said it looked like it had ungone chemotherapy.

Then I was there when another group dug up all the grass (?) and it was dirt dirt the whole time I was there. Then the last day I was there, I got the wonderful privledge of seeing them lay the sod. (Finally) Are you sure you want to part with the house with the super floor plan and great yard???

liz said...

i love it. i wish i could roll around in it. i would wave hello to the little gnome