Why watching The Hills has been good for me

I've been waiting for Carrie to post about her fabulous bridal shower (I haven't even spoken to her yet to get the low down) but since she's such a slacker, I'll post on the party I attended Thursday night now. My super cool friend Gabby, AKA Design Mom was asked to host a Method party and asked me to come. It was in SoHo, and it was fabulous! We ate delicious food, talked our heads off, and decorated plates. Well, we tried. Some were more successful than others. Here are some pics from the party:

That orange plate is not mine. I wish. My plate looked a lot worse, because I am not super skilled in the crafting department. Still, it was a great party. We got a sweet bag to take home full of Method product! I already have some Method stuff and I love it, so I'm stoked to add to my collection.

How does this party relate to The Hills (my new favorite show)? I've found that watching gives me really good ideas for new hairstyles. That's one of my new styles in the Method pictures.

See. You really can learn new things watching reality TV.


darcie said...

method parties? i have some method stuff and it smells oh-so nice but what does that have to do with plates? i'm intrigued...by that and the hills.

Yah Yah said...

Some of us are still waiting for the BAPTISM post!!!!

LOVE your hair, it is so cute. Can I have one of those cookies?

dave said...

Bridal Shower??? Is there something I should know?

carrie said...

I would have posted about it already, but I left my camera at the shower! I need to get it back.

Yes - what do plates and method have to do with one another?

sara said...

oops. i can't believe i let the cat out of the bag. sorry carrie. i guess now you'll HAVE to tell dave you're taking another husband. maybe he'll be relieved. someone else to help with the baby!!!

i don't really know what making the plates had to do with it. i guess they thought maybe we wouldn't want to clean at a party?

yah yah, you are so right. i really need to do that baptism post. sigh.

Brooke said...

John will be so glad I'm not the only one who gets excited about watching The Hills. I don't know why I love it the way I do..

And your hair is so LONG! I hardly recognize you.. and Palmer too? Ugh, I miss you guys.