A Ribbon

I came across these pictures today, because my mom informed me that I haven't given her a picture of my kids in about 6 years. Oops. We got a digital camera and what can I say? No more double prints to mail home. So I was going through my photos to find some for Nana when I found these... here's the story.

The weekend before S's b-day was crazy... more crazy than normal. We were all pretty sick, Travis had a massive project he had stayed up until 4 am Saturday night to work on, and I hadn't slept much all night because Oz wasn't sleeping. So Sunday morning I informed Trav that I was not going to church, and he informed me that he wasn't either. Meanwhile, S had been making this ribbon out of a coin Trav had given her from his office a week before. She fell apart when I told her we weren't going to church, and I thought she was upping her spirituality in honor of the upcoming baptism. I was wrong. Turns out, she had to go to church that week because they were singing to her in primary. Hilarious. It meant such a big deal to her, so I agreed to take her for the last 2 hours, and leave the sick baby at home. She insisted on wearing this blue and white polka dot dress, which didn't make sense because a) it's a summer dress and it was freezing cold that day and b) she never cares what she wears. She pleaded and begged for this dress, saying she'd wear a long sleeved shirt under it, and on and on until I relented. (In reality it was probably about 3 seconds, but you know... I was sick.)

Everything fell into place when she asked me to PIN the ribbon she had made to the dress (get it: blue dress, blue ribbon) so she could wear it to church. The ribbon says, "It's by birthday". Do you think she has a future in advertising?


carrie said...

ha ha ha

Yah Yah said...

Well, I do know where she inherited her preference for putting any colors of blue together and thinking they all match. Remember that picture I sent home while on my mission with me clad in blue turtleneck, blue skirt, blue tights, blue "tude" all in differing hues?

She is so shy, a conformist and one who tries to just "blend in" and not be noticed. Must come from the Lewis side. HA

Nana said...

Is that blue polka dot dress ever cute? Looks darling as a jumper too. Yea Boden. I hope they indeed sang Happy Birthday to her. I admire her for not taking a chance on people maybe singing Happy Birthday or knowing it was her birthday.

I do remember one of her aunts her senior year of H.S. keeping it a secret that it was her birthday, and hoping people would remember on their own. As I recall it did not have a happy ending.

Adam and Darcie said...

I can't believe she's 8. I remember when she was the wee babe in the Martha Stewart mag. This is a throw back...but I was reading old posts and got a little choked at the one of miss finch reading to Oz in the crib. sigh. so sweet.

Nana said...

I teach the children turning 8 at Church every Sunday and last Sunday one of the little boys in my class came to church wearing a baseball medal around his neck on a beautiful wide colorful ribbon.
Sound familiar? So cute.

Another boy in my class asked, "Why did you wear that to Church??" I of course praised him highly and said how special it was to earn such a wonderful medal.