Back in the saddle again

Good news. Dave found his way back to our bed last night.

The couch wasn't cutting it - so he set up a mini-bed on our living room floor.

Even with all the layers of blankets there still wasn't much comfort to be had. Plus he claims he could still hear me in the bedroom snoring away. Poor guy - this has become quite the quest for quality zzzs.

Then in the middle of the night he remembered these.

He put them in, and crawled back into bed. While he can still hear me - he says it doesn't sound like I'm breathing into a mega phone anymore.

Welcome back Dave - I've missed you.

Girl's Weekend - San Diego Style

Last weekend I flew to San Diego for a college roommate's wedding. Four of my other college roommates also made the trek and we had a fabulous girl's weekend.

While I would like to pretend this picture sums up our weekend...

...this picture is really a better representation of how we allocated our San Diego time.

This shouldn't be a huge surprise as food was a major theme during our college experience. I had such a fabulous time with my girls in San Diego. (Although, we would have had just as much fun at the DMV.)

5 of the 6 of us were on the same freshman floor, and we all lived together for the majority of our college experience. We did a lot of talking. Like 4:30am style talking. I don't think we left 1 topic undiscovered. There were several times when we would arrive at a destination and sit in the car talking for 30 minutes before someone said, "Well, we might as well go inside."

Here are a few pictures of the beautiful bride, Darcie:

Her dress, ring, and hair/make-up combo was stunning. There was more than a little envy circulating the group. She was married in the San Diego temple at 11:00am, and then we had a delicious lunch in a swanky hotel right on the beach of La Jolla. Here we are at the luncheon. Go on, tell us how cute we are.

We did spend some time at the beach...although not more than 1 inch of foot was submerged in the water. We also attended a singles branch on Sunday. I felt like there was a large red arrow following me around - pointing at my pregnant belly. All-in-all we had 3 glorious days together. We decided this was essentially an intense, group therapy session...and should be worked into our budgets on a annual basis.

I can't wait to see my girls again next summer!



Last night at 9pm Dave came into the bedroom and said "I'm going to the grocery store to pick you up some nasal strips." I jumped in the car to accompany him.

Once we were standing in front of the pharmacy isle at Safeway - he quickly located the nasal strips. Then there was an awkward pause while he stared at the 2 choices:


Dave: "Hm...look at that. They have 2 sizes - small/medium and large."
Carrie: "Yep."
Dave: long awkward pause
Carrie: Expectant look at Dave
Dave: "So..."
Dave: "Um..."
Dave: pause
Dave: "So what size should we get?"
Carrie: "Well what size is my nose?"
Dave: Turns to evaluate Carrie's nose
Dave: pause
Dave: "Um..."
Dave: pause
Dave: "Medium...right?"

ha ha ha ha.

What a moment. You could just see his little brain working overtime. How do I tell my wife I think she might need the large size?

We took all possible steps to eliminate snoring:

1. I did a sinus rinse right before bed to clear out my nasal passageway
2. I put an extra pillow under my head (apparently elevating your head helps alleviate the snoring)
3. I donned one of my new "small/medium" nasal strips
4. Dave asked that the snoring cease and desist in our nighttime prayer
5. We slept facing opposite directions

We went to bed at 10:30pm. By 11:30pm Dave was on the couch.



So apparently pregnant Carrie has taken to snoring. Or as Dave likes to call it, honking like a semi. It seems the bigger I get the louder I snore.

Did this happen to anyone else? Does it go away? Anything I can do to make it better besides sleeping with a mask on? (Which was Dave's suggestion. What is he picturing exactly - a ski mask? Darth Vader?).

Last night it got so bad that Dave actually took to the couch. I'm feeling bad.


No small feat

They are done. The medicine cabinets are officially built, hung, and ready for deodorant.

What you see below is 5 of the 555 steps required to build these medicine cabinets. Dave was really anxious to put his wood working skills to the test by trying to re-create the existing 1920 medicine cabinet hanging in our upstairs bathroom. I was on board with the plan...but wondered if buying mirrors wouldn't be easier?

After 2 and 1/2 weeks of dedicated work Dave was frustrated when the swinging doors wouldn't swing. I tried to convince him to throw in the towel (I really need to work on my encouragement skills. What - am I going to encourage the baby to quit when he can't figure out how to tie his shoe? Although...isn't that what crocs are for?)

But per normal - Dave triumphed and created some fabulous, 1920 style medicine cabinets for us. I can't wait to load them up...especially since I don't have to share mine with Dave!

Dave I'll never make you throw away an empty deodorant tube or old, nasty toothbrush again. You can get quite the collection going.


Director's Chair

Does this count as helping with the bathroom?

Turns out Dave wasn't crazy about my idea to set up a lawn chair in the middle of the new bathroom so I could hang out with him while he worked. I only lasted two days before I got kicked out. Apparently he isn't a fan of comments like:

"You missed a spot of paint over there"
"That doesn't look level"
"Could you go get me a glass of water?"



Don't you worry, I've been working on a post to fully document the Pokemon party held here on Saturday. It should be up today (or maybe tonight). In the meantime, I need to fill you all in on my current hair situation.

If you know me at all, you've heard me talk about Saffron, the British lady (her son is in C's class at school) who's hair I have a crush on. It is long, red, and curly. Curly. NEVER, ever frizzy. Which is not easy to pull off here in New York. The first time I saw her it was an 87 degree, 80% humidity day, she was like 9 months pregnant, and her hair looked amazing. Every time I'm with her, it's all I can do to keep myself from touching it. So I asked her the name of the product she uses. She sent me here and I finally got around to ordering the gel last week.

I have to tell you, I HAVE NOT had a bad hair day since. If you have curly hair, you must buy this product immediately. It makes your curls perfect; not frizzy, not too big, defined, and touchable. I think my life has been changed forever. Every day since I started wearing it, people have commented on my hair. Not one or two comments, but multiple comments per day. Like on Sunday, the Young Women were asking me if I had recently colored my hair. I said no, and they were like, "Then why does it look so fabulous?"

Seriously. Go buy some, today!



It is April 16th!!!

What in the Wide world of Sports am I supposed to do?

Oh yeah now I remember:

1 - Shower
2 - Wash my clothes
3 - start wearing mascara again
5 - Chew less than 20 pieces of gum at a time

And you wonder why I am still single???



The cool thing about having kids is that you never know what they are going to do. Like maybe one day, they just wake up and decide to learn how to ride a bike. With no build up or warning, this is what C did yesterday. And yes, he even did it shirtless... cuz that's how he rolls.

This Seems Important

I've been buying organic milk and produce (what I can find, anyway) for a while now. I thought this broke down pretty clearly which foods are most important to buy organically, and why.

For what it's worth...


Black is the new... Black.

I've lived in New York for over 8 years now... and I feel as if I've come full circle.

When I first moved here, I wore a lot of black. A lot. Then, I was kind of over it. It seemed cliche and overdone, and I moved on to brown. I liked brown before it was cool to like brown (no, seriously). I've always been a big fan of grey, and dabbled in navy blue recently as well. There have been other color jags as well... I remember an orange phase, and I'm currently trying to clear my wardrobe of all the camouflage I own. It's just too common now.

So this winter, I realized something weird. I had NO BLACK BOOTS OR SHOES. Seriously. Who doesn't own a pair of black church shoes? I don't. I have camel, brown, pewter, gold, WHITE... but no black. Then I got tired of my navy blue coat, and went on the hunt for a black down jacket. Suddenly I'm back into black with a vengeance.

I still haven't bought any black church shoes, but I recently invested in a pair of black flip flops from Old Navy for the bargain price of $2.50. Yesterday when it was 70 degrees outside I took them for a test drive and loved every minute of wearing them. Now I think I need a black hoodie for spring. I'm thinking I'll get one from American Apparel, but I'm open to other ideas. Anyone got any other good hoodie stores? Is anyone else as into black as I am, now that it's spring?!


Nesting update

Our bathroom now has a shower base, most of the doors, finished walls & ceiling, and a linen closet.

Next week the tile goes in...Good work Dave!

In other news my nesting urge has finally kicked in. I found a crib at a local store and was planning to buy it...until I called around and found it for $200 less in Logan Utah. That's right. Logan Utah. No, I do not live anywhere near Logan Utah.

So I spent yesterday concocting a plan. I have a cousin who lives in Logan. He recently got called to be bishop. So I'm guessing he will drive to Salt Lake to attend General Conference this weekend - don't you think? I figure he can pick up the crib in Logan, and while in Salt Lake for Conference, drop the crib off at my Uncle's house who lives in Salt Lake. This uncle of mine is planning to go to Moab Utah in a few weeks - to ride bikes with my brother Rand, who lives in Colorado. So my Uncle can transport the crib from SLC to Moab, and then give it to my brother there. My brother can then drive the crib back to Colorado...I'm sure he will have plenty of space for the 6 foot box in his mini-van somewhere among his 4 children, wife, luggage, 4 mountain bikes, and golf clubs. Then I can pick the crib up from my brother's house. It all makes perfect sense.

Did I mention the crib weighs 100 pounds?

I know, this plan is totally ridiculous...and when I was thinking about trying to arrange a conference call with all involved parties, Dave suggested instead of this insane plot...we simply pay the extra $200. It doesn't sound like that bad of a back up plan.

It would have made a great sit-com episode.



it was great. We started off the morning by me sneaking to wake up S. I whispered, "Guess what?! It snowed a ton last night and they cancelled school today!" She had been dead asleep and didn't even buy it for half of a second. Why? Because this is New York. If the weather forecasts even a quarter inch of snow, everyone talks about for days, stocks up on food at the grocery store, and hunkers down like they are going to have to hibernate for a few weeks. It's ridiculous. She knew she would have heard about it if snow was on the way.

We had breakfast and then she grabbed her backpack, which started the Simpson laughing toy. She chuckled with glee as we headed out the door. "Oh Mom, what did you do?" She loved it. She didn't even notice that I wasn't frantically packing her lunch while she was eating breakfast, as per usual. So as we were about to drop her off I said, "Have a great day! I packed you and extra delicious lunch!" And she said, "What in there?" and I said, "Just a bunch of great stuff." She didn't suspect a thing.

I told C what I had done as soon as she got out of the car. He was worried the kids would laugh at her when she pulled out the underpants, but I explained the difference between laughing AT and laughing WITH. You'd think by now, after living with me, he'd get the difference. He thought it was pretty funny though. It was sweet he was worried about her getting laughed at. I suggested he wear a pair of underpants on his head to school, and he told me some days at school he went to his cubby and grabbed the spare pair I keep in there for him and put it on his head to wear around. So I guess I'm not as original as I thought. He doesn't even wait for April 1 to do it! Later on that morning, when I brought him his breakfast, I put a burning candle on the plate and set it in front of him. I'm so funny.

A little later on, Ashley showed up and we did some crank calling. Snicker.

When S got off the bus, as soon as she saw me she started laughing. "Mom, that was GREAT. Everybody was dying laughing!" She had opened her lunchbox at snack (as I knew she would) and pulled out each item for her class to see. I'm sure her teacher was thrilled. She told everyone we saw about it. If there were an award for best prank, I'm pretty sure she would have given it to me.

I fielded April Fool's jokes from them for the rest of the afternoon. They were of this variety:
"Mom, you have an octopus on your head."
"Mom, you have a boa constrictor around your neck."
"Mom, your shirt is full of lettuce."

Their technique is a bit amateur, to be sure, but I like where this is headed. In 5 years when someone saran-wraps the toilet seat, I'll be eating those words. With ketchup.