Girl's Weekend - San Diego Style

Last weekend I flew to San Diego for a college roommate's wedding. Four of my other college roommates also made the trek and we had a fabulous girl's weekend.

While I would like to pretend this picture sums up our weekend...

...this picture is really a better representation of how we allocated our San Diego time.

This shouldn't be a huge surprise as food was a major theme during our college experience. I had such a fabulous time with my girls in San Diego. (Although, we would have had just as much fun at the DMV.)

5 of the 6 of us were on the same freshman floor, and we all lived together for the majority of our college experience. We did a lot of talking. Like 4:30am style talking. I don't think we left 1 topic undiscovered. There were several times when we would arrive at a destination and sit in the car talking for 30 minutes before someone said, "Well, we might as well go inside."

Here are a few pictures of the beautiful bride, Darcie:

Her dress, ring, and hair/make-up combo was stunning. There was more than a little envy circulating the group. She was married in the San Diego temple at 11:00am, and then we had a delicious lunch in a swanky hotel right on the beach of La Jolla. Here we are at the luncheon. Go on, tell us how cute we are.

We did spend some time at the beach...although not more than 1 inch of foot was submerged in the water. We also attended a singles branch on Sunday. I felt like there was a large red arrow following me around - pointing at my pregnant belly. All-in-all we had 3 glorious days together. We decided this was essentially an intense, group therapy session...and should be worked into our budgets on a annual basis.

I can't wait to see my girls again next summer!


Christina said...

SO FUN!!! By the way... that red dress looks SO cute on you. Way better than it did on me. :)

carrie said...
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mom said...

Everyone is still beautiful. It is hard to believe some have three children. What fun. Nothing better than getting together with great friends with whom you have shared so many wonderful experiences. You can thank the internet and the easiness of email for helping keep all you good friends connected.

Natalee said...

wow! that is great. i am so happy for darcy! she looks awesome. and you do as well. what a cute pregnant girl. i can't wait to see you. 2 1/2 more weeks!