Don't you worry, I've been working on a post to fully document the Pokemon party held here on Saturday. It should be up today (or maybe tonight). In the meantime, I need to fill you all in on my current hair situation.

If you know me at all, you've heard me talk about Saffron, the British lady (her son is in C's class at school) who's hair I have a crush on. It is long, red, and curly. Curly. NEVER, ever frizzy. Which is not easy to pull off here in New York. The first time I saw her it was an 87 degree, 80% humidity day, she was like 9 months pregnant, and her hair looked amazing. Every time I'm with her, it's all I can do to keep myself from touching it. So I asked her the name of the product she uses. She sent me here and I finally got around to ordering the gel last week.

I have to tell you, I HAVE NOT had a bad hair day since. If you have curly hair, you must buy this product immediately. It makes your curls perfect; not frizzy, not too big, defined, and touchable. I think my life has been changed forever. Every day since I started wearing it, people have commented on my hair. Not one or two comments, but multiple comments per day. Like on Sunday, the Young Women were asking me if I had recently colored my hair. I said no, and they were like, "Then why does it look so fabulous?"

Seriously. Go buy some, today!


carrie said...

Is it really worth it? Really?

It is going to cost me $25. Should I get it for my "wavy" hair?

Why does it cost $8 to ship!

laura said...

Seriously? Really?

How do you style your hair once you put it in? Do you diffuse?

Natalee said...

wow, I could almost taste your hair reading that post.

Yah Yah said...

You needed to include a photo to really seal the deal. I really don't think you have EVER had a bad hair day [except when Liz "de haired"you and cut it really short]

Also, how much commission are you getting from that post?

I think Carrie might actually pull some money out of the "crib fund" to buy this.

sara said...

good point. i will try and put a picture up today of my fabulous hair.

yes, it's expensive. carrie, you should try mine first before investing. i nearly bought 3 bottles at once, but i couldn't do it in case i didn't love it. so when i am there this summer, we can order some together to share on shipping if you're a fan.

how could you not be? SAFFRON uses this!

sara said...

it's $8 to ship i guess because it's a pretty big bottle. i got it really fast, too. maybe they expedited it.