Director's Chair

Does this count as helping with the bathroom?

Turns out Dave wasn't crazy about my idea to set up a lawn chair in the middle of the new bathroom so I could hang out with him while he worked. I only lasted two days before I got kicked out. Apparently he isn't a fan of comments like:

"You missed a spot of paint over there"
"That doesn't look level"
"Could you go get me a glass of water?"


di said...

gotta love the nesting phase!!!!!!
my sisters and our oldest are going to boulder for the bolder boulder. do you know what age your mom teaches for primary? he is 6.
hope all is well!

Yah Yah said...

Is it just me or does it look like you have a HUGE wound on your forehead in Photo number 3? did you walk into one of the cabinets? I was able to view the handiwork last night up close and personal and can verify that Dave has truly done a fabulous job. He must have played a lot of "operation" growing up. The bathroom is truly a work of art and probably the best room in the house as evidenced by the fact that you plan to have all of your meals there.

TippettsFam said...

love this kind of help :) i think it's time for another belly pic, carrie!!!

sara said...

dude, i would have kicked you out in two SECONDS.

come on. i taught you to be a better apprentice than that!

Smiths said...

i love it. and i agree it is time for another belly picture. impressive cabinets! i'm gonna have to see this place.

Christina said...

Gotta love being pregnant so that you can just sit and watch. :) You are so healthy with your apples... Where are the chips and ice cream?