Nesting update

Our bathroom now has a shower base, most of the doors, finished walls & ceiling, and a linen closet.

Next week the tile goes in...Good work Dave!

In other news my nesting urge has finally kicked in. I found a crib at a local store and was planning to buy it...until I called around and found it for $200 less in Logan Utah. That's right. Logan Utah. No, I do not live anywhere near Logan Utah.

So I spent yesterday concocting a plan. I have a cousin who lives in Logan. He recently got called to be bishop. So I'm guessing he will drive to Salt Lake to attend General Conference this weekend - don't you think? I figure he can pick up the crib in Logan, and while in Salt Lake for Conference, drop the crib off at my Uncle's house who lives in Salt Lake. This uncle of mine is planning to go to Moab Utah in a few weeks - to ride bikes with my brother Rand, who lives in Colorado. So my Uncle can transport the crib from SLC to Moab, and then give it to my brother there. My brother can then drive the crib back to Colorado...I'm sure he will have plenty of space for the 6 foot box in his mini-van somewhere among his 4 children, wife, luggage, 4 mountain bikes, and golf clubs. Then I can pick the crib up from my brother's house. It all makes perfect sense.

Did I mention the crib weighs 100 pounds?

I know, this plan is totally ridiculous...and when I was thinking about trying to arrange a conference call with all involved parties, Dave suggested instead of this insane plot...we simply pay the extra $200. It doesn't sound like that bad of a back up plan.

It would have made a great sit-com episode.


Christina said...

Hehehe. You crack me up. That does sound like a Seinfeld episode... and YAY! The bathroom looks great! I cannot wait to see it.

TippettsFam said...

wow.... so impressed, dave! how exciting to be so close to finishing! and carrie, you are hilarious!! you remind me of my sis in law.... she really would try and pull something like that off. i say go for it ;)

Natalee said...

I would probably do the same thing, but the crib would make it to my uncle's and I would get it 2years down the road. Maybe Dave's right. If you are looking to save, you might want to browse Craigs list before purchasing.

Smiths said...

ha ha! that really does sound like a sitcom. i love it. i would scheme, too, and cal would ask me- is it really worth that?? the bathroom looks great!

designdazzle said...

Congrats on winning the Serena and Lily crib set. Love your blog - very original. Definitely agree about the sitcom!!

Amanda said...

Dave you rock!

Carrie you crack me up...let us know how it all shakes out.