it was great. We started off the morning by me sneaking to wake up S. I whispered, "Guess what?! It snowed a ton last night and they cancelled school today!" She had been dead asleep and didn't even buy it for half of a second. Why? Because this is New York. If the weather forecasts even a quarter inch of snow, everyone talks about for days, stocks up on food at the grocery store, and hunkers down like they are going to have to hibernate for a few weeks. It's ridiculous. She knew she would have heard about it if snow was on the way.

We had breakfast and then she grabbed her backpack, which started the Simpson laughing toy. She chuckled with glee as we headed out the door. "Oh Mom, what did you do?" She loved it. She didn't even notice that I wasn't frantically packing her lunch while she was eating breakfast, as per usual. So as we were about to drop her off I said, "Have a great day! I packed you and extra delicious lunch!" And she said, "What in there?" and I said, "Just a bunch of great stuff." She didn't suspect a thing.

I told C what I had done as soon as she got out of the car. He was worried the kids would laugh at her when she pulled out the underpants, but I explained the difference between laughing AT and laughing WITH. You'd think by now, after living with me, he'd get the difference. He thought it was pretty funny though. It was sweet he was worried about her getting laughed at. I suggested he wear a pair of underpants on his head to school, and he told me some days at school he went to his cubby and grabbed the spare pair I keep in there for him and put it on his head to wear around. So I guess I'm not as original as I thought. He doesn't even wait for April 1 to do it! Later on that morning, when I brought him his breakfast, I put a burning candle on the plate and set it in front of him. I'm so funny.

A little later on, Ashley showed up and we did some crank calling. Snicker.

When S got off the bus, as soon as she saw me she started laughing. "Mom, that was GREAT. Everybody was dying laughing!" She had opened her lunchbox at snack (as I knew she would) and pulled out each item for her class to see. I'm sure her teacher was thrilled. She told everyone we saw about it. If there were an award for best prank, I'm pretty sure she would have given it to me.

I fielded April Fool's jokes from them for the rest of the afternoon. They were of this variety:
"Mom, you have an octopus on your head."
"Mom, you have a boa constrictor around your neck."
"Mom, your shirt is full of lettuce."

Their technique is a bit amateur, to be sure, but I like where this is headed. In 5 years when someone saran-wraps the toilet seat, I'll be eating those words. With ketchup.


Yah Yah said...

AWESOME. But I didn't get the candle at breakfast. Did I miss something or has my humor gotten dulled by looking at too many tax returns? Yes, I agree, you are paving the way for serious April Fool's backlash. This could be bigger than Christmas if you don't watch out. So that client that called to say their tax return was wrong was really you and Ashley? There has got to be a website for this stuff. By the way, I can't believe Uncle Steven commented on the last one [hee hee]. I'm thinking that saran wrap is very minor given the potential that awaits you my little sister. This might surpass daylight savings time in the celebration category.

Natalee said...

That is a crack-up. Scout is too cute.

carrie said...

Fantastic. I can almost hear her giggles...

Mom said...

Poor Yah Yah worked 16 hours yesterday. Maybe that explains why she thought Uncle Steven had made a comment on the last post not realizing it was REALLY Steven Maxfield, I think.