Last night at 9pm Dave came into the bedroom and said "I'm going to the grocery store to pick you up some nasal strips." I jumped in the car to accompany him.

Once we were standing in front of the pharmacy isle at Safeway - he quickly located the nasal strips. Then there was an awkward pause while he stared at the 2 choices:


Dave: "Hm...look at that. They have 2 sizes - small/medium and large."
Carrie: "Yep."
Dave: long awkward pause
Carrie: Expectant look at Dave
Dave: "So..."
Dave: "Um..."
Dave: pause
Dave: "So what size should we get?"
Carrie: "Well what size is my nose?"
Dave: Turns to evaluate Carrie's nose
Dave: pause
Dave: "Um..."
Dave: pause
Dave: "Medium...right?"

ha ha ha ha.

What a moment. You could just see his little brain working overtime. How do I tell my wife I think she might need the large size?

We took all possible steps to eliminate snoring:

1. I did a sinus rinse right before bed to clear out my nasal passageway
2. I put an extra pillow under my head (apparently elevating your head helps alleviate the snoring)
3. I donned one of my new "small/medium" nasal strips
4. Dave asked that the snoring cease and desist in our nighttime prayer
5. We slept facing opposite directions

We went to bed at 10:30pm. By 11:30pm Dave was on the couch.


di said...

tell dave that this is just a prelude to the next few years of not being able to sleep through the night. what a sweet wife you are to prepare him!

Amanda Pope said...

Carrie, that is pretty funny! I love the pauses when husbands think, "Okay, what does she want to hear?" Oh, and we actually sleep with a noise maker. Mike's dad snores really really loud so his mom and dad have used one for years. They gave one to Mike for Christmas because although, we don't snore (yet anyway!), Mike is a really light sleeper, so it drowns out any noise. I recommend it. Call me if you want to be more noise maker informed! :)

Amanda said...

What?! There should be no hesitation! Your nose is definitely on the small/medium side. Bummer it didn't work. Sorry I have no advice. My snoring experience goes like this....I roll Craig onto his stomach in his sleep and he stops.

carrie said...

Amanda B - yea, I forgot to mention...the small/medium fit just fine. Take that Dave!

Amanda P - did it take you a while to get used to sleeping with a noise maker?

Amanda Pope said...

No, I think maybe less than a week. I did ask him to turn it down a bit, but it really does seem to work. By the way, I just saw your pictures from your San Diego trip and I think I may be as big as you right now!

Christina said...

That is too funny... I love him hesitating about the size. Only men. :) I don't think I snore, but Jared sure can get going. I spend some nights nudging and kicking him.