So apparently pregnant Carrie has taken to snoring. Or as Dave likes to call it, honking like a semi. It seems the bigger I get the louder I snore.

Did this happen to anyone else? Does it go away? Anything I can do to make it better besides sleeping with a mask on? (Which was Dave's suggestion. What is he picturing exactly - a ski mask? Darth Vader?).

Last night it got so bad that Dave actually took to the couch. I'm feeling bad.


Smiths said...

ha ha! apparently i snored a bit too, but not too bad. you're sleeping on your left side?? sorry, no real advice. 3 more months... good luck.

carrie said...

I'm sleeping on my right side mostly...when I'm on my left side I face him, and that makes it quite a bit "louder" for him. (I've been woken up several times & told to switch back to my right side.)