April 24 - A Perfect Saturday

The elements of an almost perfect saturday
  • I woke up and it wasn't raining
  • I didn't have to go to work
  • Did I mention that it wasn't raining?
  • I drove to Carrie's house in Denver
  • Washington Park was beautifully green and alive with runners/walkers/bladers/bikers
  • Carrie and I just sat for a while and talked
  • Brig woke up and we went to the park
  • Brig wasn't interested in the play ground
  • Brig headed straight for the water
  • Brig threw wood chips in the water
  • Brig wanted to throw himself in the water
  • Brig waved goodbye to each stick he threw in the water
  • Brig pointed to the sky as each airplane or helicopter passed overhead
  • Brig waved at each airplane
  • I carried Brig protesting back to the playground
  • Brig headed straight back to the water
  • Brig and I just stayed by the water
  • We headed home
  • Carrie and Dave ordered pizza
  • Dairy Queen was having a sale - buy one blizzard get the next for 25 cents
  • Dave and I went to Dairy Queen
  • We put in "The Bad Leutenant"
  • The movie was well titled
  • We turned it off after 15 mintues
  • I drove home
  • It never rained