April 24 - A Perfect Saturday

The elements of an almost perfect saturday
  • I woke up and it wasn't raining
  • I didn't have to go to work
  • Did I mention that it wasn't raining?
  • I drove to Carrie's house in Denver
  • Washington Park was beautifully green and alive with runners/walkers/bladers/bikers
  • Carrie and I just sat for a while and talked
  • Brig woke up and we went to the park
  • Brig wasn't interested in the play ground
  • Brig headed straight for the water
  • Brig threw wood chips in the water
  • Brig wanted to throw himself in the water
  • Brig waved goodbye to each stick he threw in the water
  • Brig pointed to the sky as each airplane or helicopter passed overhead
  • Brig waved at each airplane
  • I carried Brig protesting back to the playground
  • Brig headed straight back to the water
  • Brig and I just stayed by the water
  • We headed home
  • Carrie and Dave ordered pizza
  • Dairy Queen was having a sale - buy one blizzard get the next for 25 cents
  • Dave and I went to Dairy Queen
  • We put in "The Bad Leutenant"
  • The movie was well titled
  • We turned it off after 15 mintues
  • I drove home
  • It never rained


Rachel said...

The whole obsession with sticks and water are very reminiscent of Reed! Throw in some mud and cars and you've got him pegged! I wish we could all get together and watch them wear us out!

sara said...

The only way it could have been perfect is if I were there too! Man, I miss you guys.

And that little Brig... I miss him the most! (So does Calder, by the way).

em said...

Man I miss you Laura. I can't wait till summer crane / Lewis fest 2010.

A couple of my favorites:

for weeks after my bday every time I talk to Rachel reed is yelling happy birthday Emily in the background.

Asher stands at the window in Chicago shouting "big truck," evertyime a truck drives by.

Axel puts his fingers under my bum when I'm sitting down trying to push me upward while saying, " 'mon Ea-a-yee." while waving one hand in circles to join him. In other words: come on Emily let's play soccer, come on Emily let's play cars, come on Emily let's go outside.

Laura who would've thought the boys who owned our hearts would be so very little?

Erin said...

Laura - I loved this. Ya ya and Brig. The perfect date.
Our weather is madness. Can't wait till our night out!

carrie said...

I can't believe I'm just reading this now. I really need to check our blog more often. You forgot another best part of the day:

Carrie stays at home and relaxes to the max while Yah Yah entertains Brig!

Thank you so much for taking Brig to the park. He loves his Aunt Yah Yah. I love the image of him waving good bye to the sticks...

Anonymous said...

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