Scout turns 10

It's been so long since I've posted, I could hardly remember how to add a picture. Apparently I did these in reverse order (see, I used to know stuff like what order to add the photos in) so just know that these events happened in reverse order for the party. Are you confused yet? Good. So am I.

Scout turned 10 in April, but this year she REALLY wanted to do a carriage ride in Central Park (something she's always wanted to do but we've never been willing to shell out the money for) so I did a little research and discovered that actually, it's not nearly as expensive as I had always assumed. AND you can have 1 adult and 4 kids in a carriage, which is perfect because she has three favorite friends so it made where to "draw the line" at who to invite easy.

We spent quite a bit of time in Central park... climbing on rocks, walking around, trying to find this awesome playground we had been to once before with our cousins. We finally found it. They could have played there for hours, but we had to catch the 8.25 train back to Scarsdale, so I loaded them into a cab and headed for Crumbs bakery. MUCH TO OUR DISMAY, it was closed. We were so bummed. What is a party without cupcakes? And I really had my heart set on a red velvet one. Luckily, when we went down to the dining concourse of Grand Central, we found that Magnolia had put a bakery in! So we bought 6 cupcakes but then had a mishap and half of them dropped. We bought the last cupcake and ran to catch our train back home.

This is outside of the Museum of Natural History, where we sat by the fountain and ate our dinner from the Shake Shack. I was so glad Emily was along. I had forgotten to charge my phone, on which I had mapped out every place I was taking them. Plus I use the Maps app all the time to figure out where I'm going. But my phone was dying and I was afraid to use it, in case I needed it later on for an emergency, so I was trying to go from memory of where the Shake shack was. This was difficult since I had never actually been there. Emily knew exactly where to go from Central park! She knew it was one block AWAY from the park by the Natural History museum. What a genius New Yorker. The food was AWESOME and as you can see from Sydney, we had plenty of ketchup for all of our burgers and fries. We had to top things off with a concrete, too. Mmmmm.

This is the horse that pulled our carriage. His name was Michael. Or maybe it was Joseph... I was unclear on whether the driver was Joseph or the horse. At any rate, who names a horse Joseph OR Michael? What happened to something like, "Merry legs"?

Thanks to Joseph (Michael?), I got to be in one of the pictures. The driver took this picture, not the horse.

Seriously. How cute are they?

This is the the train ride IN to the city. We couldn't find a big enough spot for us all to sit together on the way home, so they sat a row in front of me and ate their cupcakes and then got very loud. I pretended I didn't know who they were and surfed the web with what was left of my iPhone battery.

Sorry for the backwards telling of the party, but it was kinda cool like the movie Memento, right? All in all, it was the perfect day. The weather was awesome, the girls were lovely, and I felt so lucky to have the best daughter in the whole world. She really is fabulous... worth a thousand days like this in the city.

I love you Souter!!! Happy 10th birthday.


Yah Yah said...

Most people either haven't been or don't go to NYC until they are "adults" (whatever that means). How lucky to have such a party in such a fun city at the ripe young age of 10am. The sunglasses were certainly the icing on one of the saved cupcakes. What was the mishap by the way? So cryptic my interest is piqued. You are absolutely right, they are beautiful and of course, Scouter is the most beautiful. Did she try to ride Joseph and/or Michael?

Can't wait to come out there.

Yah Yah said...

Scratch the "am" in the post above.

carrie said...

I wish I was one of Scouts 3 favorite friends. Looks like the best birthday party ever!!!

Yah Yah said...

By the way, I think we might be losing our readershp - hee hee.

nana said...

WOW! What an over the top birthday celebration put on by an over the top mom. How very very fun. Such cute nice sweet girls they are.
Much love,

Angela said...

That looked like the best birthday party ever, Sara. Made me miss NY so bad! I showed Madison and she loved seeing the pics. She had a super fun party at home this year, but said, "I wish I could have done that for my 10th birthday!" Too fun. Keep enjoying that great city for us, and tell Scout Mads says hello!

em said...

Can I be your daughter? Man - not only did she get your amazing genes and is gorgeous, but she gets you as a mom? What a lucky girl!

Hilma Bellessa said...

The girls look so pre-teen..which they are..so beautiful. What great memories they will have of a fun party. I was glad to be there the week before.