Things I will miss when she's grown

One of my favorite things about my daughter is the inventive way she plays. I'm always finding little groupings of things that she's been playing with. I came across this one today, and had so many questions:

1. Why is there a 4th wise man? And why is he a snowman?

2. How do the sea shells enter in?

3. At the "real" nativity, was there a panda, blue whale, and hamster grouped around the baby Jesus?

I love to eavesdrop while she plays in her room. Thinking about her growing up, and the playing ending, makes my throat tight. I hope it never happens, and yet how weird would it be if it didn't?!


Sometimes, even though you've forgotten your blog exists, you hear a conversation you just have to post

S: We're learning all about the layers of the atmosphere in school. I can't believe the ozone layer has holes in it! It's so terrible. So I raised my hand and said, "That's why we should go back to riding horses."

C: Riding on sweaty animals isn't going to save the environment.

Those two. They kill me.