Things I will miss when she's grown

One of my favorite things about my daughter is the inventive way she plays. I'm always finding little groupings of things that she's been playing with. I came across this one today, and had so many questions:

1. Why is there a 4th wise man? And why is he a snowman?

2. How do the sea shells enter in?

3. At the "real" nativity, was there a panda, blue whale, and hamster grouped around the baby Jesus?

I love to eavesdrop while she plays in her room. Thinking about her growing up, and the playing ending, makes my throat tight. I hope it never happens, and yet how weird would it be if it didn't?!


Robin said...

That is so great. I love the addition of the shells and the panda. Marshall has combined our Fisher Price nativity and the Playmobil santa and sleigh so the reindeer can bring the presents to baby Jesus. Ah, Christmas! Miss you.

darcie said...

i'd love to know the thought behind the playing. i think how sad it will be when kjell changes but it's good to know there's great stuff to come in the form of nativity improv.

Yah Yah said...

The seashell serves as a white noise machine so that Baby Jesus can sleep - you know the sound of the ocean and all. The "swaddling" theory isn't just something new. The 4th wiseman was the "runner up" to the three and the fact he was a snowman would come in handy if "the three" got thirsty. Not super sure how he survived in the dessert but it was a magical time. The panda, blue whale, and hamster were the "webkins" of the day. Since they didn't have computers, such playmates were real.

I just get a tight throat thinking about your kids and how I don't get to be with them everyday.

ashley said...

made me miss scout. and made me wish i was closer so we could talk about these things

missing you and our talks

liz said...

I knew Laura would have the "answers" to the odd assortment of guests in this nativity :)

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Hilma Bellessa said...

It is fun to hear about Scout. It is hard to be so far away. It is so long since I've seen her. She is getting beautiful. She seems to get her creativity from you.