My monthly post

We went to Colorado for Christmas, and about halfway through (well after Christmas day) Travis downloaded Shake it photo for my iPhone, so I took a few pictures. I really hope to be better about blogging this year (one of my resolutions!) because more than anything, it serves as a journal for me. I love going back and reading old posts. So, here is a really brief accounting of our Colorado adventures:

We did several things every day. Like most days, Rand, Carrie and I would pile on Rand's warmest clothes and go for a run. We would have loved for Laura to join us, but she often got sick of waiting around for us and would leave before we had gotten out of our pajamas. I liked the running. But there were other activities that took place EVERY DAY I could have done without. Such as the daily (or bi-daily) games of RISK.

Hm. What is Carrie wearing in this picture? Oh yeah, this was the day that Dave forgot to load her suitcase into the car, so she dipped into Nana's sweatshirt stash.

More freaking Risk.

Another thing you see a lot of when the Lewises all get together is many, many Hanna Anderson pajamas. I caught two really cute boys on a Wii break in theirs.

We can be quite loud, and at times it is too much for the Croz. We tried to not be offended when he plugged his ears during all the hymns we sang while acting out the nativity.

We tried to keep things interesting by never sleeping in the same place more than 2 consecutive nights. We spent 2 in Boulder, then Christmas Eve at Rand's, then back to Boulder, then back to Rand's. The packing and unpacking and trying to keep track of everyone's Christmas presents was enough to drive me mad, so I was really happy when we finally got up to the mountain house and stayed put. Here's a picture of a very full hot tub. Right after I took this, Trav, Oz and I hopped in as well. C did about 27 dares per hot tub session, many of them involving him putting his butt in the snow. Excellent.

One of the big highlights of snowboarding was my new outfit. Although I was warm and looked hot, I was a little sad to no longer be riding as a member of "Team Lewis". Laura gave her green North Face to Tanner this year, so we really would have looked awesome all matching.

But here I am in my cool new outfit. It's very motorcycle-ish, right? I love all the silver zippers.

Here's a shot of Carrie and Dave. I can't believe they let us stop to eat lunch! If I had known we would be stopping, I would not have eaten TWO Clif bars before we left in the morning. I always make the mistake of over-eating in the morning and then feeling like I'm going to throw up for the rest of the day. I vow to never eat two Clif bars in one sitting ever again.

And the highlight (or one of them, anyway) was when we left all the kids with Nana (she is fearless) and went to see Avatar. In 3-D. I'm pretty sure Rand took his glasses home and is tooling around Denver wearing them right now. Looking just like Robert Pattinson.

I skipped a lot of parts, like all the fun we had with Nana and Yah Yah watching movies and Psych, and Brig's obsession with everyone else's toys and no interest in his own, especially the Princess "Makeover" vanity that Sydney got, and all the good food that Leslie made, and how excited I was about my new ski outfit. Oh no wait, I covered that. I wish everyone in the world could have as awesome of a family as I do.


Amanda P said...

It looks like you guys had a great Christmas! I thought that first picture of Carrie was from when we like 12 or something...very cute, but so funny! It will be so fun to you guys at the reunion this year.

Anonymous said...

Thank u :-) check out that emo boy hair at this blog:

carrie said...

Did you seriously post that picture of me in the turqouise, collared, flower, sweatshirt on the blog?

Of course you did. Well, at least no one reads the blog anymore!

Yah Yah said...

I think I saw that sweatshirt on teh grammys last night - oh wait i'm wrong. What I saw was mom wearing that "parcel of preciousness" while watching the grammys.

I too loved Xmas especially when everyone went to the mountain and I was stuck in B-Town working because I didn't realize I had NO VACATION days left - NICE.

What does RISK have that "ticket to ride" doesn't?

Maren said...

you guys rock! looks like it was a big party!! I can't believe I've never been to the mountain house.. (uh oh. did I just invite myself???) avatar. should we see it??

Anonymous said...

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