These are the sunflower cupcakes we took in to Scout's class. How clever are we? Actually, we copied them out of this awesome cupcake book Yah Yah bought us. The brown is an oreo, which as reported by Scout the next day, got rather soft from the frosting and was THE MOST DELICIOUS THING SHE HAD EVER TASTED. The red lady bugs were M&Ms. Hilma gets props for doing most of the tiny black dots on the ladybugs' backs. There were spearmint leaves on the cupcakes too that were disgusting, but people could just pick them off easily.

All Scout's friends said they were the best cupcakes brought in all year. Just call us Martha Stewart.


Yah Yah said...

You can't go wrong with cupcakes that are 3/4ths icing and 1/4th cake. NICE

carrie said...


Nana said...

They turned out GREAT!!! Good job!

em said...

These are absolutely AMAZING!

So when am I seeing you?

The Crane Family said...

Those are very impressive! I wouldn't even attempt making something like that...I'd just buy it! Good job!!

Capsiplex said...

They look very delicious.