Mother's Day Loot

On mother's day eve Dave and I were downstairs chatting. Somehow mother's day came up and he said "um...are we - as in you and I - celebrating mother's day this year?" He looked nervous. I responded "No...I'm not a real mother yet. Sacrifices for my child so far only amount to physical discomfort. We can start up celebrations next year." He let out a relieved sound and then led me into the new bathroom where talk abruptly turned to his hand-built medicine cabinets. I was pretty sure he was going to remind me that these medicine cabinets were built with love and time, and could easily qualify as a mother's day gift.

He kept asking me if I liked his medicine cabinet better. I didn't really know where he was going with this line of questioning - but I assured him I loved and respected the medicine cabinets equally. Finally he said "Why don't you open my medicine cabinet so you can make sure it isn't bigger than yours." When I opened the cabinet I saw a wrapped gift hidden in the back, and a pleased look on Dave's face. What a trickster.

Dave knew he had done well when the tears started even before I opened the gift. It was a charm bracelet with one single charm representing a mother holding a baby. What a perfect gift.

Wow. There is nothing quite like a picture of your arm to remind yourself that your skin is not the lovely, smooth, olive skin you are used to looking at all day. You have freckles. As a side rant - has anyone seen the new sunscreen commercial? The one where the beautiful, perfect skinned girl looks at herself through a "special" machine and can see all the hideous (hidden) sun spots lurking behind her skin's perfect exterior? When she looks through the machine she basically just looks like a girl with freckles - and is horrified. This of course is more than enough motivation for her to lather up in sunscreen. Am I wrong to be a bit offended by this message?


Mr. mantastic in my belly scored some mother's day gifts as well. These shoes were from my sister-in-law Leslie. So cute right? I figure he can use them for casual or formal wear.
Casual = a day at the park, most likely saving some other baby's life.
Formal = accepting his award for baby of the year.

And here is a hoodie Aunt Yah Yah gave him a little while ago. Yes, he isn't even born and she is already spoiling him. Could this be cuter? What you can't see is this fabulous little number is terry cloth! I had this folded up on Dave's dresser. He held it up and said "This is never going to fit me, we need to get a bigger size."


ESL Teacher said...

Sweet surprise. Love the shoes. Dave always comes home w/ the winner!

sara said...

i hear you on the skin. it's a real bummer having skin like ours. and just think; you have like 1/4 the amount of freckles that i do.

i love the presents! so cute.

sara said...

i accidentally hit return before i could type:

there are a pair of matching pants (to that striped jacket) in your future!!! crosby has some right now, size 12-18 months. assuming he doesnt' thrash them (which he might) they are yours.

Janice said...

As a helophobe, I see those adds and think, well since I have tried to stay out of the sun, it could be a lot worse.

Christina said...

Wow Dave! Good work!!! And your skin is beautiful... :)

Yah Yah said...

I love this post, it almost didn't mention the bathroom but I can see how it was a key part of the story.

At least 2/3 of the Lewis Girls have realized and protected their skin for years now. Some of us still pretend that we can tan and forget to put sunscreen on when we run [okay ME]. I fully expect you all to visit me when I have skin cancer which I am pretty sure will happen [and I am not joking]. At least I never was dumb enough to slather crisco on and put tinfoil to the sides of me in my "laying out days". And yes, I still see CU students "laying out" at the parks in Boulder - very ridiculous given their age and all the info on skin cancer.

Dave, if there is a terry cloth striped hoody out there to fit you, I will find it. The bracelet was so fabulous. Do you see a silver thick necklace in your future [namely June 15th or so?]

I added a "denham boy" saving drawer to the homemade one that had "tithing", "savings", and "spending" so that I can go hog wild on this one. I CAN NOT WAIT.

I wonder how small havannas come? Do they make them for infants?

Mom said...

Have the Lewis ladies forgotten that freckles are angel kisses??
What about your Mother's Day manicure and pedicure?

But there is no getting around it, Dave scores BIG with the mother/baby charm braclet!!!

carrie said...

Yes, the nails were a fabulous gift - thanks mom. As was the potted plant from the Denhams...but I can't let everyone know just how very spoiled I am.

Oh Laura - can you imagine little havaiannas? I can't imgaine anything cuter in the world. We will definitely have to wrassle up a pair once the little man is walking. At least you never lathered up in baby oil and then went jogging to get tan - like Dave did. The image of a "denham boy" drawer is cracking me up

Natalee said...

crap. i need to come up with a better gift for baby boy.

carrie said...

whatever goofball. you know i will love anything...especially from you.

besides you coming to CO is my shower gift!!! just put a big bow on your head thursday evening.