Night (New York Style)

I feel for you Carrie, I really do. It's so miserable having to go through all that to get to sleep. Here's a little snapshot of what sleep will entail for you in a few months from your favorite night nomad... this was my night on Thursday:

9 pm: Lay down with kids to put them to bed.

10 pm: Wake up and realize I fell asleep (again). Normally at this point I would stagger into my own bed, and call it a day. But I remembered I had left cookie dough, formed in balls on the cookie sheets, down on the counter. At least I had the good sense to turn off the oven before I went upstairs. So I gathered up all the dough, and rolled it into logs wrapped in wax paper, and put it in the oven. Then I semi-cleaned up the kitchen and went up to bed, where Travis was working.

10.45 pm: I accept the fact that I've been up too long and done too much to go back to sleep anytime soon, even though I'm super tired. So I go back downstairs and take a Tylenol PM and get my laptop to bring up to bed.

11.45 pm: Finally feel some effects of the Tylenol and decide to stop The HIlls marathon I've been watching on MTV.com and go to bed. Just as I am drifting off to sleep...

12.02 am: Oz wakes up. He's acting strangely, but I feed him and get him back to sleep.

1 am: Go to sleep, for the 2nd time.

4 am: Oz wakes up again, screaming his head off. I go in and feed him, and try to put him back, but he continues to cry. Thus ensues a 2 hour ordeal involving Advil, Dora, a diaper change, sucking out his nose, and Travis coming in to see what all the commotion is and asking how he can help while I'm in a full-on wrestling match with the baby. There was a brief reprieve between about 5.30 and 6 where he was quiet, and I went and got in bed with S (who was in C's bed, but C had left to come into our bed) but just as I was drifting off, the baby started up again.

6 am: Finally got him to sleep by laying by him in S's bed. We both woke up around 8.30. I've got a Tylenol PM hangover and feel as if I've been hit by a truck. Is it any wonder that I'm tempted to kick off my day with some Pepsi?


Michemily said...

You guys aren't very convincing that motherhood is any fun. :)

carrie said...

Don't be ridiculous. My children will sleep through the night!

ha ha ha ha ha.

So whatever became of the cookie dough log? Will it get a chance at life - and be made into cookies afterall?

Sounds awful

Janice said...

Holy Crap! That has been my life for the last 8 or so years. Is it any wonder my migraines have started to come back with a vengence?

carrie said...

All joking aside - i'm reading a book about sleep training my baby. Is it a lost cause? I'm still going to try...you never know.

darcie said...

laptops-sometimes at my parents' we instant message each other throughout the house. it's rather pathetic. also, i didn't know calder was a namesake. very cool.

Yah Yah said...

I'm with Carrie, who cares about the Tylenol pm hangover and feeling exhausted, what happened to the cookie dough?

More importantly, you should have mentioned that no matter what kind of night you have, you ALWAYS exercise the next day.

Sara is HARD CORE when it comes to working out.

Why don't you guys just not even slate certain beds for certain people. Then maybe everyone would just stay where they are supposed to be!!!