Nightly Bed Time Routine


Go to the bathroom
Brush teeth
Wipe make-up off eyes

4 minutes total


Go to the bathroom
Brush teeth
Wipe make-up off eyes
Wash face with special acne fighting face wash (love those hormones)
Dry face
Apply special acne fighting lotion to face
Apply normal lotion to eyes, hands
Go to the bathroom
Wipe excess lotion from bridge of nose
Blow nose
Apply anti-snoring nasal strip to nose
Apply anit-stretch mark oil to belly
Wash residue oil off hands
Re-apply lotion to washed hands
Apply chapstick
Go to the bathroom
Note growling stomach...crap - I'm going to have to eat something
Cut up and eat an apple
Evaluate - was that enough?
Have a little ice cream...just to be safe
Put cutting board/plate/bowl in dishwasher
Get a drink of water
Eat 2 tums
Brush teeth - again
Go to the bathroom
Fill up water bottle and place on bed-side table for mid-night cravings
Gather up 4 pillows used during night-time sleep
Fight Dave for 2/3 of the bed
Place pillows in required spots (under hips, between legs, under belly, under head)
Turn light off
Remember pre-natal vitamins
Turn light on
Take pre-natal vitamin
Re-arrange pillows
Turn light off
Not again
Get up, and go to the bathroom
Re-arrange pillows
Try to sleep
7 minutes pass
Debate with self.
Seriously...could I possibly have to go again?
Go to the bathroom

52 minutes total

This is way past ridiculous.


Yah Yah said...

you forgot to FLOSS!!!

Brian and Elizabeth Shelley said...

LOVE THIS POST! That is how I am now too! Its totally crazy!

Christina said...

Oh Carrie, you crack me up!!!

Amanda said...

I predict post baby your routine will be one step.... close eyes :)

Also, I recommend eating a brownie after your ice cream to be extra extra safe- live it up.

You crack me up.

di said...

love it! unfortunately, i relate all too well!
do you have a name chosen?

carrie said...

Nope - no name agreement yet...hopefully one day before he is off to school we will have settled on a name.

Smiths said...

ha ha! i can relate! unfortunately i also relate to sarah's post now too. i love it. can't wait to see you!

Amanda Pope said...

So tell me about this anti-stretch cream. Does it really work?
And I totally agree about the prenatal vitamin part. It's the one thing will that will drag me out of bed once I am finally comfortable...that and maybe the inadequate size of my bladder!

carrie said...

My mom got it for me at a speciality store in Boulder. But I know you can get it all over the place - probably at the body shop, etc. Mine is an oil, but I think you can get it in cream/lotion format. It basically prevents stretch marks and so far I don't have any. Also some times my stomach gets really itchy - like the skin is pulling apart. That always makes it feel better. They say you really want to use it in your last 3 months before baby is born, and in the 3 months after baby is born.

Amanda Pope said...

Good to know because my belly does get really itchy! I'll check it out!

jomama said...

hee hee, carrie! welcome to the world of motherhood (aka, sleep-free zone) the adventure is just beginning...but it's good to see you have a sense of humor about it!