51 Hours, 6 minutes, and 24 seconds till....

I love to plan and have parties. From the time I was in Jr. High I would plan parties and do all of the baking and munchies. I was always more inclusive rather than exclusive and would invite anyone and everyone. This wasn't by any means because I was popular, I just loved to have a party.

College wasn't much different, my apprentice Sara and I would plan "make your own pizza", Pounce parties, "The Question Game" parties, Cinco de Mayo parties, and our favorite, "Daylight Savings" parties. For a while there we put methyl blue in our goodies [makes your urine turn green] until people started catching on and look questioning as we offered them a decadent chocolate party treat. Since Sara and I were always running, walking, rollerblading, or riding our bikes in Provo, people assumed that our baked "party goods" were healthy and fat free. We'd always assure them that the caramel brownies, chocolate cakes, etc. that they were consuming were health food.

Post "the BYU" I got into dinner parties. Twice a year I would research all kinds of new recipes and cook for my favorite peeps. Mom and dad's house was always the venue and poor dad was my new apprentice as he spent time putting up extra tables, carting chairs from the next door neighbors house, and delivering and retrieving the dishes I had baking in all of the neighborhood ovens because I hadn't thought about the logistics of cooking all the needed items at once. Dad then sequestered himself downstairs as my guests invade his home. Mom on the other hand was always in the thick of the party.

Then I got into bridal and baby showers and these are by far my favorite. I love to celebrate two people committing their lives to each other or the arrival of a new sweet spirit to this world. I also love how men just can't seem to grasp what the concept of a shower is. They seem to think it is some sort of secret societal women's ritual that they want no part of and can't seem to understand why women are so obsessed with them.

Unfortunately, when Sara got married and had all her kids, she was living in another state so we couldn't "shower" together. So you can imagine my excitement when my baby sister announced at Christmas that she was pregnant. What were my first words "Oh, we have to have a shower!". So I've pretty much been planning on it since then. Well, it is finally here.

Since I always go way over board on food, I realized that the menu I was planning was impossible for the twenty attendees to consume even if they were finishing a 40 day fast. I decided to cut out 5 of the 8 appetizers I was planning and fore go the mini key lime pies since Leslie is doing a fabulous dessert. [I am being vague as to the specifics so that Carrie will be a little surprised by our menu]. Last night I wrapped all the presents and I've prepped everything else I can. So now it is just the waiting game.

So I'm not sure what the point of this post is other than IT IS PARTY TIME. Don't be surprised if you read about it in the Daily Camera or Denver Post.


Adam said...

save me some of those goodies! I know it will be the shower of the century!

carrie said...


So I'm not the only one counting down the hours/minutes/seconds? I'm SOOOOOO so so so so excited! I can't wait! I know it will be a fabulous party.

Come on Thursday come on Thursday...

Wah hooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

Smiths said...

It's true. Laura is the queen of throwing parties. She has thrown me both my bridal and baby showers and they were fantastic! And so I am also counting down the days to this shower. I can't wait!! No one can throw a shower quite as well. Not to mention I can't wait to see pregnant Carrie!!!

Natalee said...

That is three for counting down, I will be there from the moment it begins to the last minute and spending the majority of the time grazing. You do throw the BEST parties.

M-Ann said...

I want to come! I want to come! Hmmm... I wonder if I could catch a last minute southwest deal from SLC by Thursday night.

Have a blast. I want pics of the gifts and the food!

sara said...

don't rub it in. i'm devastated i'm not going to be there. i could REALLY go for a yah yah peanut butter brownie right now, and nothing is more fun than watching carrie gorge herself on fruit and a chocolate fountain.

am i right or am i right?

don't have too much fun without me. seriously.

Rachel said...

Man, I wish I was going to be to the shower of the year! Why can't we all just live in a 10 mile radius and visit each other everyday!