As some of you may recall I hatched an elaborate plan that involved everyone I know in the tri-state area meeting up with each other, and driving me a crib (relay style) from Logan Utah to Colorado. This was an attempt to save $200.

What I had forgotten was the power of my fabulous bartering skills. I went to the local store equipped with all sorts of research and actually talked them down $165 on the crib price! WAHOO! Sure it took 2 hours, and quite a few awkward moments, but in the end - I triumphed. Never underestimate the power of the blank stare.

Crib store manager: "Well you see, you can't really compare our prices to on-line prices because shipping a crib can be so expensive."
Carrie: blank stare
Crib store manager: "And with gas prices going up, our freight charges are through the roof!"
Carrie: blank stare
Crib store manager: "If I drop the price much more, I'll be taking a loss."
Carrie: blank stare

So the crib is now in my possession and set up in the baby's room. I wish I had a camera so I could post a picture.

One day I'll get my camera back and then I'll be able to post pictures of the fabulous baby shower, the finished bathroom, and the not-so-little sausages that connect my hips and my feet. Every day I get a bit plumper and juicier...I hope no one tries to eat me.


Christina said...

Nice! I can't wait to see it. Where is your camera?

carrie said...

I left it at the shower! My mom has it now...I just need to get it from her.

Smiths said...

ooooo- can't wait to see the pictures!

TippettsFam said...

oh i was worried there for a minute that i'd missed your shower... i just ran out to my car, where my invite has been sitting, unopened since i got it.... and who knows how long ago that was. anyway, glad to see i didn't miss it. and yay for talking down a sales person!!! can't wait for the pics....

Yah Yah said...

You are officially obsessed with how not to spend money. While I applaud your efforts, I think you could alleviate a lot of stress from your life if you didn't quite so much energy worrying so much about each nickel, dime, and penny.

That is said with much love.