Well, it happened again. I had another incredible baby shower. I know, I'm completely spoiled. How can one person have so many amazing friends and family? The 3 ladies below - Pam, Christina and Kacey totally out did themselves. It was an absolutely beautiful event!

It was an outdoor/garden affair with a delicious lunch, beautifully set tables with gorgeous centerpieces (I wish I had a picture!), 2 fun games, and of course great company.

You can tell my friends and family know me well. What does Carrie love more than anything? CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN! I can't believe I was treated with chocolate fondue at not one but TWO showers!

The other food choices (as if chocolate fountain isn't enough) were delicious and I'm getting VERY hungry thinking about them. I could really go for a repeat lunch right now. I ate my fair share of:

-3 kinds of homemade muffins - bran, raspberry, and zucchini chocolate chip. Yes, I had one of each...and then tried them each again...just to be safe.

-2 flavors of homemade chicken salad (curry and regular) with croissants for sandwiches.
-Lots of fresh fruit
-Lots of fresh veggies

-Yummy fruit water. I know...hard to imagine water being good enough to note, but it was so tasty!
-And my new official craving, Italian sodas from Whole Foods. I am going to have to go buy some today. I highly recommend you try the pear flavor. Now. If possible.

I got an incredible abundance of darling clothes, toys, books, diapers, etc. Once again picking "favorite" gifts is out of the question - everything was too adorable. But I thought I would note two of the gifts just for fun.

My mom gave me a book I haven't ever seen before, "Good Night Denver." Since Dave and I live in and love Denver this was a great surprise. Each page talks about the attractions of Denver, including a page dedicated just to our little neighborhood! Since Denver isn't the only cool place in the world (hard to believe, I know) this company has made books for lots of locations. Check out the following link for a board book featuring your favorite city/state: http://goodnightourworld.com/

Second, check out this adorable toy. This is none other than a super soft, HAND MADE ball courtesy of miss Christina!

First, it should be noted that the ball is my favorite color scheme - blue and brown. Second the fabric is so soft you must rub it against your cheek not once but twice to fully experience the joy. And last - note the darling little ribbons/tags sewn in all the seams so my little man has hours of entertainment! I'm incredibly impressed, especially because this is an idea and pattern she MADE UP!

I hate to be too cheesy, but I just have to take this opportunity to say how much I love my friends. They are just the nicest, coolest, sweetest, most talented girls you could ever hope to know. Pam, Christina, and Kacey - THANK YOU for all the time and hard work you put into that perfect party!

And in closing, I thought I would post the questions from a shower game Kacey put together. She asked Dave questions in advance, and then asked me them at the shower to see how aligned we are in our future parenting techniques. Looks like Dave and I have some things to work out...


1. Will you let your son play with dolls?
Carrie: Sure, why not? We can call them action figures.
Dave: If by dolls you mean shards of glass, nails, and gasoline then yes.

2. Sports, or math club?
Carrie: Both!
Dave: How about both. We are really hoping he gets Carrie's brains, and hand-eye coordination and my fearlessness, common sense, and sense of direction. All of those combined should make a good ball player and a smart kid.

3. How long will you let your baby "cry it out" in the middle of the night before going in to him?
Carrie: 30 minutes?
Dave: I thought babies only cried in church.

4. How many hours of sleep will you get per night in the first 3 weeks? How many hours of sleep will Carrie get?
Carrie: Maybe I'll get 4 hours, and Dave will get 6?
Dave: Well if the past 3 months are indicative of the future I will be getting a lot less sleep than Carrie. She now snores like a 75 year old man.

5. At what age will you allow your son to try Mountain Dew?
Carrie: I hope he makes it to his first birthday without having tried soda
Dave: Mountain Dew? That is like water. You should have asked a hard question like "At what age will you allow your son to try Monster Energy Drinks?"

6. What will you do when your child throws sand into the eyes of another child at the playground?
Carrie: Time out for the little man!
Dave: I hope he is bigger than the other kid and I am bigger than that kid's dad.

7. Who is in charge of discipline?
Carrie: Me for the day to day, Dave for the big offenses
Dave: Carrie. Now she is going to have two people to discipline. Boy and I are going to be a team.

8. How do you respond to a full-out screaming temper tantrum while shopping for groceries - keep in mind your cart is FULL?
Carrie: Abandon ship!
Dave: I only go to the store for soda, ice cream, and candy. No kid would throw a tantrum with that list.

9. Sunscreen - SPF 15, or SPF 50?
Carrie: 50 of course! Dave better say 50!
Dave: We are going to have to see whose skin he got.

10. What will your role be in the delivery room?
Carrie: Dave should support me, and massage me a lot
Dave: I will be doing the breathing for Carrie b/c she hasn't been practicing it at all.

11. How old will your son be when he mows his first lawn professionally?
Carrie: Eight
Dave: The same age he gets a motorcycle.

12. What will you let him get away with that will drive your spouse the most crazy?
Carrie: When I let baby play on the grass.
Dave: When he is to clean his room I will be fine with him just shoving everything in his closet and shutting the door. Carrie would want him to actually put things away.


Travis said...

Love it. It's like I was there in person.

sara said...

dave steals the show, even when he's not there.

i can't wait for him to give the baby a bottle with mountain dew.

Mom Lewis said...

It truly was an amazing shower. The food was delicious and beautifully presented. I too am craving everything again. I better go to bed before I eat a second dinner.

It warms by heart that Carrie has such truly nice, fun, talented, generous, clever friends with whom to associate. I have LOVED getting to know them.

Yah Yah said...

Ahhh, the strawberries were a ruby red to match my sun"kissed" feet after 3 hours in the sun. Unfortunately one of the drawbacks of a runner's tan is that one forgets that feet need sunscreen when exposed.

The Crane Family said...

We are so excited for you and Dave! Being a mom is the greatest! I have that Goodnight Denver book too...I picked it up at the airport on one of our trips out there. So cute. By the way, Brent is LOVING his crocs that your mom sent him...wears them every day!

Amanda said...

Looks like so much fun! I have a present sitting here for you, hopefully it will make it to you before the kid is born :)

Brian and Elizabeth Shelley said...

What kind of sodas are they? I am craving them just by reading what you wrote....