It didn't really occur to me...

...that when we tore out the existing tile and shower walls in our upstairs bathroom, a thick layer of dust and sand would be kicked up into our home and settle over EVERY SINGLE SURFACE of the upstairs.

When I say every surface, I mean every surface. Nothing was spared.

I guess I better get cleaning. I spent 4 hours cleaning last night and only finished the kitchen. I still have 4 others rooms to clean.


Yah Yah said...

If you were a professional cleaning service and were paid by the hour you would be so rich. What in the world do you do that takes that long in one room? Are you using cotton swabs and Qtips instead of paper towels?

Christina said...

OH NO!!! I forget about that. It took months to get our house clean after our kitchen & bathroom. Oh these old home just have so much dust! Need any help?