10 Things I Hate About Carrie (ps: Happy B-day)

I'm sure on a blogging spree right now. Can you believe it? 5 posts in 5 days? But enough about me. It is the eve of one of my favorite holidays on earth... the birth of Carrie Sioux Lewis Denham. I'm not even sure how old she is; I could subtract 6 from my age, but then I'd have to know how old I am. Whatever.

Carrie really kicked off an awesome posting tradition on my b-day last year. I'd love to list the 20-odd things I love about Carrie, but it seems so unoriginal. So instead, I am challenging myself to find 10 things I hate about Carrie, in honor of her birth... because I'm pretty sure 10 Things I Hate About You is her all time favorite movie. Or is it Blue Crush? At any rate...

10. I hate that Carrie and Dave came to visit, and these pictures are the only two I took of their whole trip. Why didn't I take more? How great would it be to have photos of us watching Friday Night Lights, or going into the city, or Dave taking my oven apart? But no. Just these two shots of Carrie in her Rockies shirt, right before we went running. It was a great run, by the way.

9. I hate Carrie's metabolism. It's never seemed fair to me that she can eat... and eat... and eat... and still be so FREAKING skinny. Even now, with an almost fully grown infant in her body, only her stomach is fat. Not fair.

8. On the note of genetic inequity, I hate that Carrie is so much taller than me. She claims to be 5'8", which would make her 4 inches taller than my claim of 5'4". Of course we're both rounding up an inch, but the difference is still 4 inches. Again, not fair.

7. I hate that she married Dave. With him around, Travis will never be the favorite son-in-law. Dave just has too many fix it skills, and appreciates food in a way that strokes my mom's ego until she purrs. If she had married Brady, my mom would probably have a bust made of Travis and lay flowers in front of it each day.

6. I hate that she has brown eyes. I want them!! At least my son got a set just as pretty as Carrie's.

5. I hate that she has to visit Dr. Hong. ha ha.

4. I hate that she bought Seven Jeans before I did. Of course she made up for this by giving me my first pair of Sevens almost 6 years ago. I know they are probably horribly out of style now, and my first pair is literally hanging together by a thread (both knees and the crotch are shot), but I can't throw them away.

3. I hate that she's more frugal than I. I want to be the miser in the family! But did I mention I have the best credit that Jim L. has ever seen? That's got to count for something, right? (Do you like how I'm actually making this post all about me?)

2. I hate that she loved Ashes. Well not really, but I'm stretching here and it only seemed fair to take a potshot at Ashes. Oh wait I just thought of a better one. I hate that she gets to go to the mountain house whenever she wants, and I don't.

and the #1 thing I hate about Carrie is:

1. I hate hate HATE that Carrie doesn't live by me. I wish so badly we lived close by, so I could strategically show up when she's made portobello sandwiches for dinner, or babysit her baby, or watch the Bachelorette together. Life would be so great if we could see each other every day.

Well. I don't know if that ended up being as creative as I thought, but you get the message. I LOVE YOU CARRIE!!! I'm so glad you were born. And really, since I raised (reared) you myself, I got to make all my mistakes on you. Which explains why my children are turning out so perfectly.

I hope you have a stellar b-day, where you get to gorge yourself on roasted pineapple and buffalo burgers, with a brownie dough chaser. I also really hope you don't have heartburn tomorrow night. And for Dave's sake, I hope you don't snore tonight.

Thanks for being the best friend a girl could want.

*update: Carrie just sent me an email informing me that in fact, the blockbuster smash hit Center Stage might actually be her favorite movie of all time. 


Mom Lewis said...

Happy Birthday dear Carrie--"the last the best of all the game" comes to mind. Of course I adore our other children as well.

Yes, she came into our lives sparkling, fun, kind, thoughtful, funny, and always happy, except when she had that stint with that Brady guy.

So on her B-day I motor to Denver to take her out to lunch if she can decide where she wants to go. I think last I heard it was Maggiano's Little Italy. Yum, and hopefully a walk around Washington Park, and to look again at the cute baby things generous people have given her.

Yes I too wish Sara and family lived near by to hang out with, and go to the mountain house tons, and come to Boulder.

Well I better get on the exercise bike for 40 minutes to prepare for the feast tomorrow. Carrie Sue-I LOVE you.

Yah Yah said...

Sara, Bravo, hooray, well done thou good and unfaitful Dr. Hong servant. I wouldn't have touched a Carrie Sue Birthday post with a ten foot pole. I really need to just stop trying to post on this blog and be the prodical silent lewis girl. But again, this isn't about me.

"Carrie Sioux Shiloh Snowboarding Master of Eating and Laughing disaster Lewis", where do I start? I think your tenacity and strong personality started when you were forced to nurse while we all sat at the dinner table.

So many fond memories: "scooting on your bottom", "sucking your thumb and playing with your bellybutton until it bled", "Being the life at any party I had no matter how young you were", "Snoopy in the Baseline Musical", "Dipping ice cubes in dried tang", "Playing barbies with Sara even when you didn't want to", ETc. Etc.

you make any situation fun. You are smart, funny, crazy, a prankster, "really efficient", and really good at acting cool when you are dying of the heat!!

I too hate that you live so far away, and as gas prices continue to rise, the distance seems greater.

Your zest for life is contagious and I love you more than you love fruit and a chocolate fountain. [maybe even more]

I hope you have a wonderful day

ps: I'm still so sorry you almost starved to death in Sweden.

sara said...

blast. i can't believe that laura outed my barbie playing on the blog. no one will ever take me seriously again!!!

i thought of another one last night; i hate that carrie had her elbow in mom's LEFT BREAST that entire trip to hawaii. we had to hear about it over and over and over. it got a little bit old...

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday!!! We wish we could be there to celebrate with you and the other June Birthdays! I hope you ahve a great day! I am so glad you married dave and are in our family! We cant wait to see you!

Travis said...

Cheers, Carrie. Hope you're having a lovely day. In addition to dittoing the nice things that have been said, I want to throw out there that you're the best Lewis snowboarder (all due to my coaching, dedication, and expert tutelage, of course.)

Dave said...

Dear Dear Carrie,
I am not sure how your mom is always the first one to post a comment after any new blog post, but somehow she manages to be the first.

Happy Birthday. I love you.

PS I hope Brady doesn't read this blog.

Smiths said...

Happy Birthday Carrie!! I hope that you have a wonderful day and I hope that your house is air conditioned!

Natalee said...

Love you Carrie. I wish I could be there to celebrate and give you 20 boxes of dental floss.
ps. sorry about the bad set-up. Glad Sara got it right.

Erin said...

Carrie (aka, david spencer's love-hate friend for over a decade), Happy Birthday!! You have to be one of the funniest girls in my life. You are a breath of fresh air to us all. Hope it's a great day. Your little one will be the best belated b-day present ever.

Amanda Pope said...

Carrie Sue!
Wow, we are practically grown-ups huh! I thought I might just add one hate item to the list. I hate that we were never roommates; although, I did love taking your spot and living with your roommates at the Ghetto Brownstone! I definitely believe even if we weren't cousins, we would still be great friends. Have a happy Birthday! And P.S. I love that you almost love food as much as I do. :)

Yah Yah said...

How funny, I was TOTALLY going to mention the left breast scenario but didn't know if we allowed that word on our blog. Now that I know, the sky is really the limit.

I thought of another one. I hate that Carrie got rid of the little red Honda Hatchback. Oh that car was such a dream. Nothing like thefeeling of driving with your but DRAGGING ON THE ROAD. The doors weighed more than most SUVs and the muscles. The only problem with it was it didn't burn gas fast enought so that Sara and I could go to Texaco and use Dad's gas card for gas, gum, soda, cookies, shoes, toilet paper, key chains. etc. etc.

Pam, Jason and Family said...

Yes, I am a total slacker. no card in the mail this year!! Happy Birthday Carrie. I have to agree, there aren't very many things to "hate" about you. I'm glad you had a great day!! Yahoo for 29!!!

carrie said...

Thanks all for the birthday wishes. And Sara, you really outdid yourself this time. I was laughing so hard when I read this.

I feel like I should be embarrased by these pictures - but all I can think is how much I WANT THAT BODY BACK!!!!!!!!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite peeps! Oh I wish I lived closer and we eat some really good food together and then talk about how much we love food. ahhhh

em said...

happy birthday dear little girl! As to Amanda"s comment about being almost adults... you guys are full fledged adults and almost parents! I am left questioning...

I still remember your mom being so protective about what we said around you... did ya ever learn how to swear? My niece (5 yrs old) said, "did ya know you can swear with your hands?"

I laugh a bit when i think about it because i had no idea you would turn out so great and funny! I hope you had a wonderful, wonderful day!

As to the delay...we were in tex-ass with rach, blessing a baby that owns me. i don"t think he knows yet, but I never would have thought these little boys would hold a candle to the girls that I love so much. Can't wait to meet this new little guy!