She's discovered the Internet

S had a whale project in April... this was the beginning. She was assigned the sperm whale, and I showed her how to get onto Google to look up images of the sperm whale. You can probably see where this is going, but I was naive and didn't. On one occasion she left off the "whales" and came up with many pictures related to "sperm". Ugh. I'm still not exactly what she saw (she clearly didn't understand it either... thank goodness) but we had a talk about how we always need to be together when she is using Google or You Tube. I should have been more prepared... back last summer she had her aunt take her to Webkinz.com, but Aunt Sally misheard her and typed in "Webkittens.com" and was taken to a porn site. Because of that we've bookmarked appropriate sites for them on their computer, but she loves to get onto mine where there is no restricted access.

About a month after the sperm incident, I heard some nasty language coming from the office. C and I had been watching Lego Star Wars movies on YouTube earlier, and it was still up, and S was watching something called "Sponge Bob Sex Box." In the 10 seconds it was on I heard the F word, the A word, and the S word. This time the lecture about going on sites alone was much more emphatic, as you can imagine.

About 2 weeks ago she came home with her assignment for their insect projects at school. She had been assigned the Hickory Horned Devil... but she got confused on the name and walked in and said, "Mom! We've got to get on Google and search for my insect... I got the horny devil!"


carrie said...

oh my gosh.
that is completely hilarious and terrifying at the same time!

You need to password protect your computer!

darcie said...

where are the words? you've had some bad luck with animal assignments. when i was a kiddy we picked our own. Also, once my dad saw a search for "bare naked ladies" up on our computer and approached my brother to have a talk. he should, that band sucks!