Dora Update

We had to switch things around, TV-wise, at our house lately. Now that's sunnier, our wall projector will only work at night (it's just too bright in the house to see the picture). For quite a while I had stacked our ghetto-fabulous TV and VCR on the floor, but Oz was thwarting himself left and right. He'd hit the power button with his knee. He'd unplug the video in cable. I was having to go over every 2 minutes to put the show back on, which defeats the purpose of him watching a show in the first place. So last week we brought down this from C's room, and Travis pinned the cables under the weight of the TV, so he can't turn it off easily anymore. Here's to hours of baby entertainment!

Thought you'd like to see him in action, watching his favorite seniorita:

He can even watch while cocking his foot:


carrie said...

He is so fat and adorable. I just want to squeeze him. I can't wait to see him again. Maybe if I learn spanish he will like me more - what do you think?

Yah Yah said...

I'm afraid Oz may not be familiar with the first commandment - Dora seems to have usurped position number 1 in the worhip pecking order. I too yearn to squeeze those copious legs and bath him in kisses.

di said...

honestly--i don't know what we would do without dora!
oz is soooo cute! i love his little rolls!

Janice said...

SOOOO cute. Makes me want another one (but we won't.)