Worst movie EVER

We just got home from date night, where we went out for burritos and then to see the new M. Night Shamalayan movie, The Happening. This review sums the movie up pretty well. I'm really tired, but I had to get this post up ASAP to prevent as many people as possible from seeing it (in case you were planning on the 9 AM show on Saturday).

The spookiest thing about the whole movie was that we had accidentally bought tickets to an assigned seated theatre. The guys picked out our seats, and we were all sitting there when the lady came to check our tickets. We were all sitting in exactly the seats we had been assigned... not off by even one chair, and the theatre had been empty when we went in.

Friday the 13th, baby.

*I forgot to mention that Ashley was telling everyone in the movie theater, and the bathroom of the theater, NOT to go see the movie. She too was very interested in preventing disappointment. I'm seriously considering writing a letter to Mr. Shamalyan.


Janice said...

Too bad. I have a thing for Marky Mark.

Ashley said...

this is by far my favorite post ever!!sooo funny!!

Stratford-DeFord said...

This cracked me up. You can be so funny.

maren said...

me and Grant whole heartedly agree! booo!