Happy 34th Birthday Sara!

34 things you didn't know about Sara...

1. She never crawled. She just scooted on her butt & flapped her arms
2. She had chicken pox twice
3. She sported a mullet for the bulk of her youth
4. She is a fast reader. Growing up my mom would take books away as a form of punishment
5. She choose her own middle name at the age of 12
6. She begged to have braces, but the orthodontist wouldn't go for it because her teeth were naturally too straight. Unable to give up the dream, she would force on her siblings retainers.
High school
7. She had a Wendy's Junior bacon cheeseburger every day
8. She had a tendency to "borrow money" from the tithing portion of her piggy bank. One night before tithing settlement she was frantically running around trying to borrow money from her siblings. When she couldn't rally enough cash, she declared to my parents that she would like to investigate other churches. My dad said that was fine, but she still had to go to tithing settlement and tell the bishop she had spent her tithing money. As a younger sister, this was the best moment of my life.
9. She totaled my parents garage freezer while parked in the garage
10. EXCALIBUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need I say more? If you don't know ask her.
11. She was a cheerleader
12. Having been taught by my mother to play sports so boys want to do more than just "make out" with you, she played basketball, volleyball, tennis & skied. She went to state twice in tennis.
13. Much to my mother's dismay, she intentionally wore men's clothing 5 times too big - Girbaud jeans & Polo Ts. When she left for BYU she swore she would change the local Utah fashion. Instead she came home in fitted khakis & a tailored blazer

College & Early Married days
14. She was a vegetarian for 10 years. She once turned down 50 bucks to eat 1/4th of a hamburger
15. Shopping with Sara doesn't mean finding what you want, but instead, finding something you can turn into what you want. She will hold up an item and say something like "This swimsuit cover will make the perfect skirt, I just need to cut it in half and add an elastic waist." This would all be well and good if she could sew. She can't. Instead, she runs my mom like a sweat shop in a 3rd world country.
16. She ran a 1/2 marathon
17. Her favorite date was dinner and a movie
18. Our older sister Laura set Sara up with her husband
19. The day of her wedding she went for a 7 mile jog at 5am
20. Her first year teaching middle school fellow teachers often mistook her for a student and demanded to see her hall pass
21. She went through a phase where she (and S) wore all black, all the time
22. She knows every Billy Blanks kick boxing routine by heart. She also has a lot of theories about the kick boxers in his videos - "that one has got to be Billy's daughter," "I'm pretty sure that one is Billy's wife."
23. She eats the exact same thing for lunch everyday: bagel and cream cheese, apple & hot cocoa
24. I'm pretty sure she started the camouflage trend beginning with her first trip to the army surplus store years before camo was sold in mainstream stores
25. She is writing a book
26. She is a fabulous baker
27. She set me up with my husband
28. She has purchased & returned 50% of target merchandise
29. She has done Tae Bo 9 months pregnant, while in labor, more than once
30. She is a self diagnoser of all physical ailments. She claims to have cured her sweating problem by switching to salt with iodine
31. She never leaves the home without sunscreen on
32. She buys shoes in the kids section. Her favorite pair of boots are from Gap Kids.
33. She is a people pleaser and doesn't like to say no
34. She is an amazing mother - unbelievably patient, entertaining, and completely dedicated to her children



Mom said...

What a joy it has been to have Sara as our daughter. Always self motivated, an excellent student, creative, talented, helpful, plans very far ahead, kind, fun to be around, and an absolutely amazing wife and mother. (Every day her children will ask, "What are we doing for fun today?" And she NEVER disappoints them.)

Sara not only thought she led the family in fashion, but now thinks she leads the world.

In High School you could hear she and her good friends, Kristin, Tera, & Chris Gus coming BEFORE you saw them. "Closer to Fine", what a great pops number! Sara even played the harmonica in the act. What a great time they would have together!! And oh the Stake Dances, trying to SLIP inside with pants under their skirts.

She had lots of vocal solos in Jr. High and High School Choir concerts. She would read multiple books at a time and would have them stashed all over the house.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARA!! Dad and I LOVE you very very much, and are so proud of the fantastic woman you are.

mom said...

P.S. I forgot to mention that Sara has a great sense of direction, better than her two sisters. So when the four of us girls went to Europe 8 years ago, Sara's Dad put her in charge of us getting on the right trains, finding our small hotels, going from country to country etc. It was VERY stressful for her.

Also I am sure you can imagine how MANY guys were crazy about her "At the BYU." She was always juggling several guys at a time.

carrie said...

stressfull? please! when dad put her in charge of directions it was the best day of her life!

at least 4 times a day she would say "HEY! Let's not forget who dad put in charge!"

Janice said...

Happy Birthday. It is funny, I was looking at my calander last week and thought, "I know there is something on September 14th" but I couldn't remember what it was. I am sure in the back of my mind, it was your birthday. Welcome to 34!

blanche said...

Sara happy 34th. You are always a real treat to be around. I remember your 15th birthday party when the cake got knocked off the counter and landed on Jeff's foot. We all were all ROFL until Jeff started to cry. We later found out he had broken his toe. You assured us all that you would get another cake the following day. I am not sure I have been to a bettter b-day party since. Many more to you...and careful with your cake.

Suzan said...

Happy birthday, Sara. I wanna be you! You see amazing facts about me would be like:
1. Always mindful of color coordination
2. Known to walk blocks at a time.
3. Once took her children to the zoo.
4. blah, blah, blah
5. more blah, blah
6. zzzzzzzzzz
I'm so glad to know you.
P.S. Who's the incredibly good looking blond guy in the pictures? Does Travis mind when you flaunt your old b-friends? ;)

eryka said...

Happy Birthday!! Why didn't you tell me it was your birthday? I really hope we can get together tomorrow!!

sara said...

well said carrie! this might be your best post ever!

but seriously, how did you come up with all that stuff about me? the only thing you left off is that i met kriss kross in sweden. but since no one remembers who they are, it probably isn't a big deal.

and yes, the day dad put me in charge was a great one. it's good to know the chain of command skips mom and goes to me. unless rand's not there, of course.

blanche, that was the greatest day ever! tell rose and sophia hello. i hope poor jeff's foot has healed up by now...

Tania said...

Happy B'Day Sara, so glad we're friends (& neighbors.)

erin wright said...


i LOVE this post and love that i already knew what you ate for lunch everyday, but didn't know that you met kriss kross! loved the pictures. you are so beautiful. happy birthday.

love, erin

blanche said...

Dorthy is going to be p!$$ed you forgot to mention her.

Anonymous said...


Happy Birthday! You're the best. I hope you have a great one. By the way, that big wheel you're on is mine. Did you steal it at Nana's house?


Laura Lewis Girl #3 said...

as the "silent 3rd lewis girl" I would like to take this opportunity to bear my testimony of SARA. I know that she is truly an amazing person. She is clever, funny, confident, puts 110% into every task, etc. etc. She is the mom at the park that is playing with the kids while all the other moms (except Erin and Ashley P.) hang out and relax/take a break. She actually gets advice from my dad to "simplify your life" because she plans at least 2 activities for her kids to do each day.

A couple of missed items about Sara that should be noted:
- She used to freeze diet rootbeer in a plastic bowl and chip away at it with a knife the size of Texas for a study treat.
- She drives a batmobile
- She tailgates
- She has been know to argue sith and yell at the "navigation system" in her car.
- She considers "veggie booty" a viable vegetable for her son Calder.
- Her lifelong dream is to own a macramae (sp ???)
- She self-appointed herself the travel leader on the Europe trip.
- She makes the best and most artistically pleasing cookie cut outs in the world
- She has a crush on Crosby

I love you Sara

Travis said...

Hip hip horay. Hip hip horray, Saaaara!

I Love you!


Bente said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Sara!!! You are an amazing person and you look just FABULOUS (as always)! Did you ever think you would be where you are now when we were at BYU?

Hope you have a great one!
Love you,

Amy P. said...

Carrie, may I add 34 things I admire about Sara?

1. She exercises.
2. She is a great writer.
3. She is a great singer. (Don’t just ask her about Excalibur, ask to experience Excaliber. (I think you might need Beta to do it though.))
4. She is a minimalist.
5. She puts up with Travis’ form of minimalism.
6. She has energy to do fun things with her kids even when she doesn’t get any sleep.
7. She is funny, no hilarious.
8. Freckles!
9. She is a doer. She actually checks stuff off her “to do” lists.
10. She produced three amazing, adorable, awesome kids.
11. She used to scrapbook, might even scrapbook.
12. She is realistic. She sees the big picture.
13. She is unrealistic. I love that she thinks she will be in the 1% of anything bad that happens. Not a good explanation but if you know her, you know what I mean.
14. She looks fabulous in brown and army green. (Good thing too, since her wardrobe consists of many, many camouflage pieces.)
15. She successfully cut out 2L of crystal light and 2L of diet 7-up from her daily diet.
16. She writes her kids a letter each month chronicling their milestones and fun stuff that happened in their lives.
17. She makes the best sugar cookies ever. (Ezra and Ada came up with this one.)
18. She cares about getting back to pre-baby weight and shape.
19. Freckles!
20. She can power a non-moterized lawn mower.
21. She has great taste in magazines and generously passes them on.
22. She is muy intelligente.
23. She always writes “thank you” notes.
24. She has great curls.
25. She has self-discipline.
26. She has lovely oral hygiene.
27. She has, rather won a coveted pie + chili cook-off apron.
28. She loves my kids as much as I do.
29. She keeps in touch with old Brooklyn friends.
30. She puts family first.
31. Freckles!
32. She prays.
33. She admits to swearing once in a while.
34. She is the best friend!!!

Sara, I love you!!! Happy 34th and as Enoch would add, we are so happy you were born!!!

carrie said...

I love it!!! Thanks for adding so many great ones Amy!

Steve, Natalee said...

my first memories of sara...
she did my hair in cornrows (sp?) at camp and told me all about her sister carrie and how funny she is and that we should be friends.
carrie and me visiting her at college and us telling her how cool and beautiful she was (and is still).
her telling us (when carrie and I were in highschool) that when we went to college we would turn "preppy" and us fully denying it. we were convinced we would never wear anything but old jeans, salvation army clothes, beanies (for me) and shirts we made (ie I am job, and Yamama).
Her and Travis taking Carrie and I snowboarding for the first time. Somehow she let us wear hot pink snow pants and mismatched jackets.She was also kind enough not to say anything when I thought I had got the hang of snowboarding, when I never turned just went "fakie". However, Carrie made me fully aware that I was not truly snowbaording.
Happy Birthday Sara, thanks for being cool.

mom said...

Amy P.--Beta, ha! I gave Travis for Christmas 2 amazing DVDs of Sara's Sr. year of High School with fantastic footage of EXCALIBUR, Festival Choir, tennis matches, cheerleading, dates (with guys of course), and even an award winning Road Show, etc. etc. I am so totally High Tech. I'm VHS all the way.

I am SURE you'll want to spend MANY hours perusing the DVDs.

I also LOVE her freckles. I always told her she was so LOVED- that each freckle was an angel KISS.

Also, it was great to hear from the 3rd Lewis girl, Laura, who is also very talented.

Yes, I am so High Tech, I the lost the other comment I tried to post 2 1/2 hours earlier. Ugh!

Pamela Palmer said...

I'm sitting in my classroom, Friday afternoon after school reading about you, tears streaming. This is not because it is Friday and the kids are finally gone but because I am so happy you are Amy and Enoch's friend. And mine too. Everything everyone says about you matches with the small part of you I am privileged to know. Happy happy birthday. Pam

em said...

I'm late! Don't hate me... you know this is nothing new. Wanted to add a couple of things about you for your big 34th!
1- She unselfishly shares everything about her life. I can attest to this as someone who has benefitted from her numerous friends for years.
2- She is clean: in college I remember a note she left us (her roommates) that said, "please rinse your dishes and put them in the dishwasher which is conveniently located BELOW." This was placed right above the counter above the dishwasher.
3- Many have said this... she is funny. She may be one of the few who I consider funnier than me (and that's super high bar) and she has knack for bringing out the funny in everyone.
4- She always has exact change for refills at Harts and WILLINGLY shares it.
5- She is the only person who I know that has neared jailtime for theft of water, okay ice.
6- She was unafraid to take me in and help me find a place to live after the dasterdly pepper spray incident.
7- She walks REALLY REALLY fast. For those of you who don't know this, don't be roped into a Sunday stroll with her... there is no strolling!
8- She can also read while keeping that quick pace!
9- In college she was the queen of layering.
10- She can spot a hickee (sp:?) a mile away.
11- She was as afraid of our oddly short armed landlord as I was and yet didn't hide in the laundry room like I did. We did learn from him that duct tape can fix ANYTHING (countertops, microwaves, etc.).
12- She teaches her kids to be tough... when Calder was tired of walking one day and said, "but mom I'm tired." She asked, "Calder, we're New Yorkers and what do New Yorkers do when they're tired?" He slumped his head, kept walking and mumbled, "Keep walking."

I love you so much sweet girl and I am so glad that I have gotten to know you through all of Carrie's 34 about you! Remember when we would fight and you'd remind me that it was worth working out by saying that we might as well get through it because we would know each other forever? I always felt instantly lucky. I hope you had the perfect day!

scout said...

oh shoot, I know I'm late but can I still say it?


wow, I thought I already knew how cool you were. what an enjoyable post and comments to read. no wonder the first word that comes to mind when I think of you is, FUN!

love you girl. hope you had a good one.

Design Mom said...

Oh Sara! I'm so late to this. But I can't miss the opportunity to tell you how impressive you are to me.

I don't know if I've met a more patient mother. You are so calm and sweet with your kids, it's inspiring.

I love that I get to be friends with you!!