Why not?

I'm posting this picture of my husband because...I can. It is just too fabulous to remain as only a file on my computer hard drive.

I love to imagine this little boy, standing in front of a mirror, gel in hand, trying to get his bangs to swoop just right before the big game.

Can you tell that I am bored?

In totally un-related news, Dave has come up with a new nick name for me. This, is not an uncommon occurrence. New nicknames surface every week or two, and last until they are replaced with something new. Sometimes nicknames are based on a recent life experience, sometimes they are pulled out of the clear blue sky.

This week Dave has been calling me "Turkey Leg Denham." It seems cumbersome I know, but I can assure you when he is looking for me he will actually call out "Turkey leg Denham? You ready to go?" To find out the source of my latest nickname click here.


Amy said...

someone helped him with that hair...it's just too perfect. Very Zack Morris from Saved By The Bell.

jared said...

nice work turkey leg denham! Dave, whatever it takes for the ladies, right? good for you! GGGRRRRRR!

Christina said...

Dave, I'm thinking you need to grow your hair out like that again... It's lookin' good!

Amanda said...

hey turkey leg Denham, my husband has the same nickname tendencies. On our recent road trip we passed a sign that said "rumble strips" and voila! a new name was born.

Mr. Turkey Leg Denham's hair rocks!

sara said...

dude, that is a sweet look. he should bring it back.

i'm thinking maybe we should change the name of the blog to dave denham does it again. just for fun.