If you are waiting for book #4 to come out, you will enjoy these.

Warning...do not click on the links below unless you are prepared to waste 45 minutes of your day.


Is anyone else leaning towards Jacob after watching these?


Anonymous said...

I haven't watched the U Tube although the one about the guy pleading for the american public to "Leave Brittany Alone" was on Leno last night. I am about 1/2 way through book three and AM STILL and HAVE ALWAYS been pulling for Jacob. At Lease he can die and start to get old which would keep Bella from having to be changed.

eryka said...

I love these books and I got really excited when I thought it was a tv show commercial. Oh'well. Are you really pulling for Jacob? I totally love Edward.

Christina said...

Those are AMAZING!!! That got me really excited. I kind of want to read the books again. :) I'm torn between Jacob & Edward. I had to buy that killers song off of itunes...

Amanda said...

That was the best waste of time ever! I'm so glad you shared. Jacob really? I am SO bitten by Edward! Bella doesn't deserve him sometimes. I read all three books so fast, I've been having withdrawals. Anyone have other good books to share?

carrie said...

Well let me clarify. In the books I definitely prefer Edward...but of the actors in the mini U tube movies, I thought Jacob was much cuter.

Plus he looked so heart broken...sometimes you just want to root for the under dog.

Good question - what are people reading now? I've got a few going - but nothing I can't put down.

sara said...

well, i guess i have to give these books another try. i got 100 pages into new moon, and couldn't stomach it. maybe i'll like it better when i'm not pregnant!

if you like young adult lit (and really, who doesn't) i'd like to recommend another series that my 14 year old neighbor turned me on to. the author is scott westerfied, and the books are called uglies, pretties, and specials. good stuff.

di said...

these books are the big buzz around here! i have to start reading them--after i finish the few that i am currently reading!
i, too, love young adult lit--it's so nice not to have to think! i liked "the yearbook." it is kind of a cheesy lds book. quick, fast read--gotta love that after a long day!

Amanda said...

OK Carrie, I see where you're coming from. Jacob is pretty cute on the mini U tube clips and it did soften my view of him.

Sara - New Moon was a little hard for me too. I liked it but was bugged a bit. I just pushed through because I was dying to hear from Edward again. It is my least favorite of the three.

Thanks for the book recommendations!

carrie said...

I have to agree. In general these books could use a lot more action and a lot less character development.