Do you have one of those plastic covers for your microwaved food? I bought one once as a part of those "school fundraisers" where they sell wrapping paper, flavored popcorn, and big tubs of cookie dough. (The year prior I opted for the tub of cookie dough which was a big mistake. Every hour for weeks I found myself sneaking to the freezer for just one more spoon full of cookie dough. No matter how many bites I took the blasted thing remained 3/4 ths full. Finally I pawned it off on some missionaries. Only missionaries would be ecstatic to take a year old, partially eaten tub of cookie dough covered in spoon marks).

When the microwave cover arrived I was a little shocked at it's size. It was quite large, and I really didn't have anywhere to store it. My kitchen is small. The way things work at my house is if you bring something new in - you have to get rid of something old to make room. I didn't particularly want to throw away my plates, silverware, or my gallon jug of Frank's red hot. So I thought - maybe I'll store it in the microwave? After all every time the microwave is used the cover will be involved right?

Genius, I know.

As an added bonus I figured this storage spot would guarantee 100% coverage of all food placed in the microwave. You open the microwave and what is the first thing you see? This would be the end of my weekly dates scraping pasta sauce off the side of the interior walls.

But alas, it was not meant to be. I should have known my creative husband would find a way around this forced conformity. Guess where I found my husband's morning oatmeal?

When I confronted him about it he claimed he thought it was a permanent part of the microwave - like a pedestal, or stage.

Like I said - the man is creative.


missy said...

I hate to admit it but you will see the same thing in our microwave.

TippettsFam said...

haha that is so funny, except that in our house it would be me putting my oatmeal on top of the cover. i don't think joe even knows this invention exists.... he would go crazy for one.

so, i've only made it through 2 of your youtube vids below... i'll watch the rest tonight. i agree jacob is way hot in the vids but i'm 100% edward baby!!!

Christina said...

That is really funny! Jared would do the same thing. I can't stand ANY spots in the microwave and I can't seem to get Jared to cover up his food.

Anonymous said...

once i was making popcorn and i use the microwave cover as a pedestal too so i put the popcorn bag on top. and waited for it to be done. it beeped. i grab out the bag and to my surprise the handle thingy is melted to the bottom of the popcorn bag. so now we have a giant hole the top of the cover where the handle used to be. THE END
PS THE MOMS WASN'T VERY HAPPY about this incident.

dave said...

Jenna, I get in trouble all the time for using that thing as a pedestal. It is just so convenient. Good to know though that I shouldn't use it with popcorn.

sara said...

so my friend ashley was over tonight, and she was telling me (as she opened my microwave to find a cover just like yours inside) how much she loved MY microwave post. i was like, "no, carrie wrote that one." she still doesn't believe me! i thought it was pretty funny that we both store ours in the microwave. trav hasn't thought to use it as a pedestal yet, he just takes it out and leaves it sitting on the counter. i bet he has no idea why it's in there. sigh.

carrie said...

Who would have thought this would be such a relatable post? I'm amazed so many of you keep your cover in the microwave...and I thought I was SO clever.

Jenna that is hilarious. I bet your mom was not too happy with you - looks like you, Missy and Dave are definitely related. ;)

Scadden Family said...

Adding to Jenna's Comment:
We have the cover but it does not get used. Everyone puts there food an top or to the side of it. Oh the other thing I love is that the cover is also taken out so the food can be put in.