Preface: Turns out the 3rd Lewis girl is NOT just a myth. Laura has asked me to put up this post on her behalf. Isn't she a gem?

SHOUT OUT (by the oldest Lewis girl - Laura)

I couldn't sleep Monday night. I had just left TGL (dad) who is now in the trenches of TIT (Torture in The Twenty-first Century) Part II. His white blood cells (WBCs) had fought their way to a whopping 30,000 but plummeted to Nader/zip/zero/nada in 2 days time. You've got to feel for the poor little guys.

I generally don't let myself really think about how our lives have so drastically changed since Mr. L (leukemia) knocked on our unsuspecting door on 6/30/07. Trust me, if Mr. L would have emailed or called he would have gone on the "block this sender" list of email addresses or we would not have answered the phone; but, Mr. L won't take NO for an answer. Instead, he has bulldozed his way into our lives (the gender specification of Mr. L isn't accidental).

So back to my insomnia. In an attempt to divert my thoughts and hopefully get some sleep since I needed to get up for work in a pair of hours, I focused on TEAM LEWIS who fights Mr. L along with TGL. I thought of each team member and started to get vacklemp like the church lady on Saturday Night Live. (If you don't know who that is then I have just dated myself). My thoughts of our Team brought peace and finally sleep. So in thanks for the help I would like to do a Shout Out to some members.

Rand who is the rational and grounded voice. He has taken charge, done research, and stepped in as the family patriarch. After traveling all week, coaching soccer, being dad to 4 kiddos, he still brings his kids, and Leslie over on Friday night to spend time with mom and dad. He bought a big screen TV and ordered DVR so that when TGL returned from the hospital he could truly feel like he was "at the game" or "at the golf tournament". Rand calls each day whether from Boston, New York, or Colorado.

Carrie and Dave
who treat the drive from Denver to Boulder like a skip across the street. No matter how busy they are with their jobs, blog posts, and yard perusal and maintenance, don't bat an eye at coming up to see my parents. They single handedly moved all the furniture back after new carpet was laid, and have done countless other things to help out.

Sara who talks to mom multiple times a day despite her 'three ring circus' in NY. She spent 3 weeks in Colorado this summer and helped mom clean out her closets, drawers, etc.

T who coordinated the purchase and delivery of an "at home putting green" for grandpa. T is the oldest cousin and an incredible example to his brothers, sister and cousins.

S who at the ripe old age of 7 helped Nana "harvest" the garden each day while visiting in Colorado for 3 weeks. She continues to demand to know what grandpa's white blood cell count is when she speaks with Nana.

Baby S and Oz who simply remind us of the miracle of life. They are so fresh from Heavenly Father that they ooze of joy, hope, potential, and happiness.

Little M who is just…M. As Rand says "It is good to be M". There is no way you can look at him and not smile.

Colorado C and New York C who fight Mr. L through their tenacity and loyalty to DS and Spiderman.

Leslie who provides support to other team members and allows Rand to spend time away for TGL's benefit. Who doesn't bat an eye when I show up on a Sunday and stay for 5 hours. Who turns a blind eye as I raid her candy drawer.

Travis who allows his family to stay in Colorado for weeks while he is alone in the Big Apple.

Extended family and friends who have sent emails, cards, prayers, thoughts, and foregone good food in fasting for us and TGL.

Nana who somehow is the rock as she watches her sweetheart in pain and suffering.

  • She goes to every Dr. appointment and spends countless hours at the hospital.
  • Fixes meals that are high in protein to fight his anemia
  • Does her 28 year old daughter's mending
  • Makes bath towels for her grandchildren in NY
  • Calls her grandson on the Saturday he had a soccer game in Steamboat to find out how he did. (I promise this is the FIRST game of any type she has missed).
  • Still attends church, enrichment, book club, and does her visiting teaching
  • Is always up for watching a movie with me when I show up on a moments notice looking for company and a diversion
  • Arose at 5am to start a dinner for her neice and husband who stayed in The Republic of Boulder a couple of nights enroute to Chicago.
  • Reads, prints, and files all of the amazing emails from friends and family in support of TGL.

And Finally to "Captain Oh My Captain", the quarterback, goalie, pitcher, senior companion, the team member who we all rally around, none other than TGL . We all go about our business, jobs, social engagement, lives, etc. while he lays there hour after hour without complaint. Who is held captive to my constant chatter each night as I pepper him with relentlous questions from "how many square feet was your house growing up" to "How do they determine how much money is printed and in circulation" . Who is still skeptical and unbelieving that so many people are devastated because they admire, respect, and love him so much.

So thanks to everyone. This TEAM will NOT BE BEAT. We are truly kicking some Mr. L Arse.


di said...

very, very well said. the lewis clan is an amazing one! it was so neat to read about how you are all rallying around one another. your family has always been a shining example of strength and togetherness. so many of my growing up memories have all of you in it. your mom was one of my biggest supports during high school, college, mission, dating, early married life, etc. i love your dad. his quiet example and humor bring a smile to my face. you are all in our prayers. miss you all dearly!
diane gerdy iman

di said...

heck ya you are going to kick some serious MR L!

Janice said...

Aggh! I am sorry things have taken another downward turn. You ALL are in our prayers. Keep it up Team Lewis.

Mom/Nana Lewis said...

Laura didn't happen to mention that EVERY NIGHT for the last almost 3 months, she has gone to wherever her Dad is, hospital or home, and given him a full body massage for over an hour. This is AFTER working all day as a CPA, during her second busiest time of the year.

Plus she is always making him goodies which he loves, and keeps him well stocked.

carrie said...

yes, Laura deserves a HUGE shout out. Literally - an hour back massage every day, for 3 months.

sara said...

laura, you rule. no one else has the energy at 9 pm each night to massage dad's back for 1-2 hours. he would be so much worse off without you!!!