1st season game for the broncos
Dave going to church that same day
I really should have worn my orange skirt and a blue top. What was I thinking?


Christina said...

I love it!!! I hear they won too. Are those snacks in the little baggie for church or the game? :)

carrie said...

Church of course!

I used to think he had some magically power over kids b/c the kids at church always wanted to sit by him, be held by him, etc.

Now I wonder if they just know he has candy.

Bonni Michelle said...

This would soooo be my husband.. he tried to incorporate orange and blue into our wedding (but for Florida and not the Broncos).
I have been lurking for a while and thought I would say hello.

carrie said...

Welcome Bonni.

That is hilarious...orange and blue are tough colors to work into a wedding. Did he pull it off?

At the least he could have worn a fan T shirt under his tux. Or maybe you could have had the flower girls paint their faces orange & blue...that would have looked nice. ha!

Amy said...

We eat snacks at the movies, why not have some snacks at church! I like the way he thinks.

sara said...

that's a true fan. there are some peeps in broomfield who probably wore jerseys to church, so all in all it's not bad. at least he found a tie that worked!

Bonni Michelle said...

No, it was a Christmas wedding and orange and red do NOT go together (no matter what he says)... we did have a huge framed engagement portrait of us in jerseys with a football though. :)

dave said...

I can't make it through a whole church service without being entertained. Sometimes I sneak a novel into my scripture case (I usually get caught so I don't do that too much), but I always have something to nibble on.

In rebuttal to Carrie’s assertion that kids like me for my candy - I never share my candy so they must like that indefinable childlike nature of mine.

Liz said...

love the snack