Happy Birthday Ashley

We love you for lots of reasons, but ESPECIALLY because...
  • you are beautiful even with gnats on your teeth
  • you think "shooting the breeze" means hanging out by yourself
  • you followed your brothers down the black diamond as a 6 year old (poor little broken leg!)
  • you once bore a striking resemblance to the middle Hanson
  • you played soccer for months with a big piece of glass wedged in your foot
  • you were sure Dave and JD would like each other because they were so similar..."they both have chicken legs, lots of moles, and are into themselves!"
  • you got mad at your dad when he defined "a loan" for you
  • you are stronger than your brothers
  • you never say anything mean about anyone
  • you are always happy, easy going, and fun to be around
I hope you have a fabulous day!


dave said...

Clearly you are stronger than Chris, but me? We also like how often you say "Shut up buttface. Whatever"

Dave's mother in law said...

Happy Happy Birthday Ashley,

Several amazing wonderful people who just happen to have their birthday in Sept. Hope school and soccer (is it a spring or fall sport?) are going well and of course married life.

We are surely glad your brother, who could pass for your twin, is in our family.

Chris said...

Sad to say but I'll be the first to admit she is stronger than I am. Dave and I did a good job of making her tough.

Ash is the best little sister a person could hope for. Hope your birthday is a great one.

Ashley said...

Thanks for the nice blog and comments! It means a lot. Miss everyone and cant wait to see everyone!
(P.S.It is a fall sport)Thanks again! love you guys.

Missy said...

We all adore Ashley and have to admit that in this case the best was saved for last. xoxoxo Happy Birthday!

Ashley's mom said...

Ashley, we can hardly wait to see you Friday. We'll also get to meet Thor, the great! I am not sure who is the strongest in the family, but you're right up there with Chris, David and me. (ha,ha). Of course, we all adore you. We know you had a happy birthday and there's more to come....
Love, Mom

scaddenfamily said...

Happy birthday Ash.(One day late) I hope your dinner was wonderful. I think you are the strongest in the family. We miss you and hope to see you soon.

sara said...

happy birthday ashley!