One sweet ride

On Thursday Dave took his jeep in to get the heat fixed. Apparently his heat hasn't worked for 6 months and he gets "cold" driving to work at 6am in 30 degree weather. Whimp.

They promised him the jeep would be done by the end of the day. When he went to the mom and pop shop to retrieve his car there was still some work to be done. So they handed over keys to their free, "loaner" car.

Let me tell you people, this was one sweet ride.

It is hard to choose my favorite thing about the car, so I will list them all:

1. The duct tape holding the ceiling up
2. The 20 other keys on the key ring. What are they to? Maybe they also have a loaner condo and a loaner storage unit.
3. The black plume of smoke coming out of the exhaust
4. The lawn mower-esque sound
5. The bumper stickers on the back Dave didn't see until the end of the day. One was a big rainbow sticker. One said, "DEFEND AMERICA - DEFEAT BUSH."


I sort of wish we could buy this car, store it for 15 years, and give it to Brig on his 16th birthday.


Christina said...

I am so glad you put pictures up. The story doesn't do justice without the proof! Too bad Dave couldn't drive it just a little longer...

Jensen Family said...

That is so Funny! Does the heater work in that thing!

Mom Lewis said...

Talk about giving the neighborhood class!!! I bet you looked so cool sitting in it. What a riot!

Michemily said...

That. is. awesome.

Amy said...

Holy crap...that's just about the funniest thing I've ever seen.


sara said...

freaking awesome! i love it.

if only you lived in payson. that thing would be sweet to drag main street in.

Yah Yah said...

The real question is "did the heater work" in the loaner?