I'm so thankful today that S has stopped asking for a dog. Why? Did she have a change of heart? Decide maybe she's not a dog person after all?

Oh no. She still totally wants one... but she has been offered a guinea pig named Winnie, from a family in our ward who just got a dog and have discovered that taking care of 2 animals is way more than they bargained for. So, by default, Winnie has become the newest member of the Stratford family. Her full name now is Winnie Scott Stratford. Don't ask me why S picked Scott for the middle name of a clearly female rodent. I have no idea.

Day 1 went very well... no requests for dogs. In fact, she's said a couple of times that she thinks guinea pigs are BETTER than dogs. We'll see how long this lasts. I'm pretty sure she's planning on making a little leash and trying to walk her around the neighborhood. That ought to make a good blog post when it happens!

I would have taken a picture of Winne, but I used up all of my energy on Thursday (AKA the day I was super productive) so the thought of going downstairs to take a photo, and then download it to post, was way too overwhelming. Apparently I only get one energy-filled day per week. So here is a photo of what she looks like, pretty much. You get the idea.

I hope this pet ends up fulfilling all her desires for an animal. We all remember how things turned out for the pet fish, right? I just don't think I'm a pet person. I mean I know I'm not. How did I get her for a daughter? She should have been born into the family of the Crocodile Hunter. She would have been in her element, living at the Australia zoo and all.

She did mention a couple of weeks ago that she hopes when Winnie dies, we can get a dog... if she "proves herself" responsible enough to handle a dog. I don't think it's a very good sign for the kid to be talking about the pet dying before you even have it in your possession. But believe me, I'll let you know how it all plays out.


autumn said...

Oh my. Scout and Olivia are soul sisters. Olivia NEVER, EVER stops talking about dogs. We bought some fish, hoping that her intense desire for a dog would be somewhat satiated, but NO. She just sees the fish as a chance to prove herself worthy to get a dog. At least 10 sentences a day start with this phrase: "Mom, did you know..." and then always ends like this "that when you mix a golden retriever with a poodle, it's called a doodle?" OR "that the worlds smallest dog can fit in a teacup?". She has even started e-mailing me messages about how much she loves dogs and wants one. (There are a LOT of exclamation points in these e-mails!!!!)
I don't know where she came from either. We are NOT pet people either. I sometimes feel like she is being deprived of some precious childhood rite of passage, and that denying her a dog will cause her to be all messed up. And I consider caving and getting a dog. And then I remember that they have to be groomed, and walked and fed, and petted and trained. ANd eventually given away to a family that WANTS it...

carrie said...

this cracks me up.

1. Scott. Classic
2. The pet already has its end written
3. Taking it for a walk

So hilarious.

Nana said...

So glad the long awaited arrival of Winnie has come. Good luck!

Cats truly are the easiest. Too bad Travis is allergic to them.

And where did she come up with Scott. Does she have a crush on a guy a school by that name?

darcie said...

i was just like scouty pants when i was a young wart hog (or girl). i finally got my wish and still care for that dog to this day FIFTEEN years later. she will make you proud. i'm sure of it.

Yah Yah said...

Better "scott" than "the poo". Regarding cats, I'd amend mom's comment by saying "you are lucky Travis is allergic to cats". Can't you just expand his allergy to include all animals in general?