Is there a farmer in the dale?

Well, posting after CarrieSueRapper Burrito Babe Palin and Sara Supersonic WAC Chair Stratford is nothing short of daunting but what Carrie didn't mention was that she also was responsible for my Halloween costume.

Wednesday 10/29
I'm at Carrie's brainstorming for a costume and she suggests being a "farmer". This seems like a good idea since I was entertaining the idea of being a HOBO [my ace in the hole costume growing up]. Better yet, I'll be an organic farmer - so 2008. Actually, the farmer was my backup costume since I was really hoping to find something in mom's "costume closet".
Friday 10/31 9am
I head up to mom and dad's on my way to work [I'm on NY time zone work schedule]. I try on the Can Can costume from the Colorado Regional 'dance festival' I was a part of in the '80s. It's a no go. The skirt alone weighs more than OZ and Mr Brig together. Then I spy my old Brownie outfit - I was a brownie for exactly 3 months until it came to the cookie selling portion and then I quit. For those of you who know me, I spend hours baking creations and giving them away. So even at this young age, the thoughts of asking people to purchase hard and over processed cookies sent shivers down my spine. Incidentally, I actually became a brownie just to get the uniform [I was secretly jealous of Rand and his scouting uniforms] and I thought it was the bees knees when the brownies all wore their outfits to school on the day of their meetings. Needless to say, the uniform was way way too small.
9:20 am - still downstairs
Ahhh, a white tennis skirt and my old FHS letter jacket. Given the expected 85 degree weather, this might be a little much. Plus, those skirts are way short and I am only so talented at tucking in my religion. Next a pioneer dress w/matching bonnet that my Nana made for me in elementary school for a pioneer parade. Yep, too small [I'm skinny but not a midget].
9:45 am - okay I really need to get to work
The 70's clothes are next followed by thoughts of dawning an Excalibur red silk dress w/silver sequins and matching silver shoes. But I just can't recreate the Farrah Faucet hairstyle I had back then.
10 am
The room downstairs is a disaster with clothing strewn everywhere. I spy cowgirl shirt that's it, I'll be a farmer. I pull on Carrie's overalls, put the red bandanna on, slap my hair in "mini" braids that stick straight out and pencil in some freckles.
that was easy

We had a party at work for the kids of the firm which was great. Pearl Street has trick-or-treating from 2-5. It is like the mini mall crawl with thousands of kids going to the local businesses for candy. Everyone in our firm dressed up and manned the booth. We give handfuls while other businesses give a lone tootsie roll. Rand brought Sydney, Tanner, and Ethan over and Sydney in her little bo peep costume stole every one's heart. At one point I said to her "Can you say thank you" and she did the sign for thank you. The people giving out the candy melted.
I'd like to take this opportunity to
say that I have a testimony of Halloween. I know it is true. It allows participants to "be someone" [or in Carrie's case 3 someones] else. Dressing up and getting free candy has got to be what kids imagine the Celestial Kingdom is like [okay I feel the same way]. The only downside of the holiday is that adults can no longer trick-or-treat. Sure, I can just go buy whatever candy I want." But there is just something magical about getting it for free just by uttering 3 words. Plus, you can't buy a variety pack of candy with the kind of diversity obtained from going door-to-door.

The primary kids didn't fall for the "The Bishop want each of you to bring me 2 pieces of your Halloween candy" act. So I guess I am relegated to purchasing some of my niece and nephew's candy. Mason who had DROVES of candy would only part with one piece on Friday night which kills me b/c I know Leslie ends up throwing a good portion of their candy away after a month or so. Oh well.



carrie said...

I really feel like there should be a picture of you in each one of these costumes you tried on. Seriously - a brownie costume? you kill me.

Can we at least see a picture of the farmer?

sara said...

i would really like to see photos of you in all the costumes as well. ESPECIALLY since i think the girl scout uniform is really mine. i was such a die hard!

Anonymous said...

Too bad I was in NY, when you were furiously trying various costumes on all over the house from several closets.

mom said...

Obviously the above comment "anonymous said."..is me, your beloved mother.