carrie said...


Too bad you didn't have on of those horse heads on a stick to ride around.

sara said...


if only you lived closer. scout has not one but TWO stick horses. of course she was using one for her costume, but i'm sure she would have loaned you the smaller one.

em said...

I almost fell off my chair... Are we the only ones who had those horse heads? Also... they were multi-purpose... G and I used to use them as the sides of bowling alleys we'd make. Maybe you should've found the horse and gone as a bowler!

Mom said...

Seems a farmer/hobo and the like, are often used Lewis Halloween costumes.

So nice of you to take Tanner, his friend, and little bo peep, Sydney, to your firm's Halloween party AND trick or treating on Pearl Street. Super Aunt!!!

How fortunate you are to work for such an amazing firm of truly fun, wonderful, caring people.