Yesterday it was about 45 degrees here. I know, I know... you people in Colorado are still prancing around in your bathing suits. But here in NY, the weather has been FREEZING. No, below freezing. Our temp on Saturday morning was 24 degrees, "feels like" 12 with wind chill. That's why I was shocked when Mark Pope showed up at my door in soccer gear with a trophy for Calder. He's C's coach for the kindergarten clinic, which we had skipped because, you know, it was colder than Antarctica out there. 

So on Saturday, I was thankful that soccer is finally over and that both kids got trophies. I don't know about your kids, but mine are obsessed.

On Sunday, I was thankful for our fireplace. That thing is awesome... and really warms up the 1st floor.

On Monday, I was thankful it was a balmy 45 degrees. We stayed after school at the playground, and then played outside in our backyard until it got dark. Can someone remind me why I live in New York, when I'm such a fan of good weather and being outside?


carrie said...

It is supposed to be 63 degrees in Denver today.


Michemily said...

Yeah. Single, starving student in Germany . . . I haven't turned my heat on yet and it's -4 degrees Celsius. That's 24.8 degrees. Yikes. I think I'll go get in bed.

Angela said...

Yes it is cold, but you are in NY because it ROCKS. I was in NYC Friday night with Chad (no kids), and I was reminded what a great place we live in. Remind me of this when I am crying in January because I am so cold! I do feel your pain, though, I'm a California girl after all.

Yah Yah said...

There is this cool inventio which I'm not sure you are aware of called 'CENTRAL HEATING'. Obama's tax hikes haven't hit yet so maybe you should look into getting it installed. Oh wait, I mean just turn the fetching heat on and UP. You have a BMW for goodness sake, why not spend a little to keep the home fires burning or rather the peeps at home from getting frostbite.