November 6th, 2008

Oz had the best time today splashing in the puddles outside the school. I had such a blast watching him! I've waited a long, long time to have another little one to play with... and I am savoring every minute of it. This was one of those perfect days, where the weather is warm and muggy, so you don't mind if they get really wet. I used to take the kids to the park in Brooklyn on days like this and they would get drenched. We'd bring bikes and trikes and ride them through the puddles.

I tried to get a shot of his new "walk". He lifts his right leg up really high, and straight. He does it when he's extra excited or happy. Too bad he didn't start doing it until after I had his Halloween costume... he would have been the perfect little Nazi with that strut. Oh well... maybe next year.

The new walk...

His daily head abrasion. The kid seriously injures his head at least once per day. Not long after this he face planted again (I think the leaves were making everything extra slippery) and opened up the gash in his forehead again, plus bloodied his nose.

Another walk shot. My iPhone is pretty slow with the click, so it was hard to get a good picture.

Anyway, I was thinking while he played how lucky I am to have him as my son. He brings us all so much joy, and love. And then I thought about it being November and Thanksgiving, and while this might be cheesy, I'm going to post something I'm thankful for every day this month. (I know I'm a bit behind... I'll get caught up today.) 

Thank you, Oz, for a beautiful morning!


em said...

He's just such a doll! I have to say that I love the idea of your thanksgiving blogging. Sunday I played the "grateful game" with Gardner's family. Its such a blast to see what those little girls are grateful for. You should try to play the game with your kids - its really great. Addison was even grateful for roads so that we could drive to see each other!

Yah Yah said...

Love the pictures but what has happened to his torso? All I see is his head and legs.

What a love bug, if I could just pick him up [wait, I hear this takes feats of strength] and kiss him.

sara said...

you should have seen him the day before. camo pants, camo rain coat.

at times, i take things a bit too far.

carrie said...

i love this idea. i may add a few thankful posts along the way.

i love crosby. mom was acting out his new walk for me the other day. so cute.

autumn said...

Ok, so you know that I have never seen this little guy "for real", but he is soo cute! At first, I thought he looked just like Calder, but now I'm not so sure. He's FOR SURE a Lewis though! So adorable...

Nana said...

My goodness but I miss that little guy, your other fun adorable children, and the rest of you as well. All though now I am warm! In fact when I got home, I was actually too warm, since our thermostat is set considerably higher than yours, and it is not humid here.

I LOVE his new half Nazi walk. He is such a happy fun focused little guy. I know I am stronger for being there and lugging that big boy (28 lbs.) around. Yes my arms ached the first couple of days, then I realized why??

I miss among other things, walking the kids to and from school and pushing Oz. There is no getting around it, FALL is beautiful and breathtaking in the east. Of course I don't miss the hum/roar of leaf blowers but, they are efficient leaf movers.