11.21.08... Happy Birthday, ENOCH!

Who knew, when I met Enoch 15 years ago, that we would end up living together 3 times? You could even argue 4 times, if you count the couple of days that he and Amy slept on our futon right after their honeymoon, waiting for their apartment upstairs from us to be vacant. I was terrified to go into the living room the entire time!

Enoch is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. He'll do anything for anyone. Need a ride to the airport? Enoch's your man! It's a blizzard and your flight leaves at 5 am? Even better! 

He's an amazing dad and husband. He is always taking his kids (and usually mine, too) on adventures to the movies, the pool, the skatepark, and Costco. He races around on the weekends, trying to pack fun into every minute.

He is also funny, handy, and super cool and stylish. If you have something you're thinking of buying, Enoch will exhaustively research your options and let you know the best one. He's an avid reader and loves information. Not to mention he's super smart... and an amazing designer.

He an awesome friend. I'm so glad when I married Travis, I also married Enoch. And then he married Amy. I am so thankful for the whole Palmer family! What we have is pretty special and unique, for sure. I'm so glad Enoch was born. Happy b-day, E!


Kathleen-Sara's mom said...

Happy Birthday Enoch!

I am impressed by what a fun and hands on dad you are and how helpful you are. I remember when your family came to Tuckahoe for Oz's blessing and then over to Sara's for dinner after. You walked in and immediately asked what you could do to help get dinner on? Then you pitched in washing lettuce, etc.

Also so very nice of you to house Sara and Travis and family for 7+ weeks while they were waiting to get into their new/old house.

Yah Yah said...

My first memory of Enoch involves a party at their pad located above the Restaurt Pier 57. Their place was so cool and I think he and Amy were either on "a break" or she was trying to show him how bad things could be without her. Anyway, that was the first time I remember meeting he and Amy. Okay I have to admit the coolest thing about the place was they had a real hot chocolate machine - you know the kind they have a 7-11 that you push a button and the chocolately warmth just flows.

Enoch is everything and more that Sara said. I have NEVER seen him mad or upset with anyone or his kids. It's just too bad that he and Travis have nothing in common and don't get a long.

Hilma Bellessa said...

I'm always so proud to say that Enoch is "sort of" my kid because of the time he lived with us. He is so cool and fun and always so kind. I'm so happy the Palmers and the Stratfords are family since I am part of that family also.