I hadn't planned to do the kids back to back like this, but S was sick today and it very much made me appreciate the way she usually behaves. All day long, she was very whiny and mopey and emotional. Not typical behavior at all. So today, I was thankful for this wonderful girl... my daughter.
I can't put into words how remarkable she is. How if I had been allowed to make up a list of things I'd want my daughter to be, most of her attributes wouldn't have been on the list because it never would have occurred to me that someone could be like her. 
She is fearless. Fun and adventurous and TRULY up for anything. She is not emotional or dramatic, as most girls can me (including yours truly). She is independent, strong, confident, smart, capable, athletic, outgoing, daring, inquisitive, caring, deep-thinking, artistic, and loving... among other things.
Did I mention how funny she is? She has an excellent sense of humor, and can laugh at herself with glee, never thinking to be embarrassed if she makes a misstep. Here she is in Nana's extra high chair this summer. She took most of her meals right alongside Oz in the tiny high chair. 

She deeply loves her brothers, and is especially good at taking care of them. She is always watching Oz intently, sure he is going to die with every step. She'll yell out, "MOM!!! Are you watching him? Do you see where he is?" if he is within 100 yards of a road. I have to reassure her constantly that I am able to keep him alive all day long while she's at school, and she doesn't need to worry or watch him because I'm on it. She loves to play with both of them, and they adore her.
She loves, no she LOVES food. I've never met a child with more advanced tastes. She's a fan of mushrooms (fresh, not canned), basil and capers on pizza, fancy olives, blue cheese, and sushi. She wants to eat whatever the grown ups are eating and detests kid food like mac and cheese and PB&J. She adored working in the garden with Grampa this summer, and would eat most of the raspberries and many tomatoes before they ever made it back in the house. Her favorite food is probably fresh bread and tomatoes, and she's a big fan of ice cream.
I absolutely, completely, adore this little girl... on the cusp of being a young lady. I love hearing about all the things she's learned at school, her adventures, her daily highs and lows. I'm so lucky I get to be her mother. She is everything I wished I had been at her age... including having less freckles. I love you!!!


carrie said...

I love all your kids. I agree, Scout is one rare and perfect little girl. I loved the time she was in agony b/c she thought Calder was really going to go back to NYC when he was mad at Dave and I...

Nana said...

AMEN to everything you wrote about S. What a "breath of fresh air" that child is!! I love to talk to her because she is so interested and exclaims as you tell her things. She does have a great sense of humor, such a fun little girl. Also very tender and so loves and adores her brothers.

I LOVE to come and visit you because, both S and C come running out to meet and greet me and give me a hug. Both of S and C are so very appreciative when things are done for them or you give them something. They ALWAYS say thank you.

S is such a gourmet eater. What a kick! When she saw Grampa having a tomato sandwich, it quickly became a favorite of hers as well. And give her a plate of cucumbers from Grampa's garden and she is in heaven.

I give out granola bars to people on the side of the road who are asking for money, food etc. I asked Sara, who was riding shot-gun, to hand some to a person by her window. S said, "Excuse me, Excuse me!! Why are we selling granola bars?"

I would have to say that you, Sara, have such fun, interesting, kind, greatful children because you are such a fun, amazing, over the top mother.

Nana said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! Who is that large blue whale, in the hot tub at the mountain house, with S and Oz and C ????? Ugh!

Yah Yah said...

I love to observe S and C play together. It's just like Sara and Carrie - though let's hope S doesn't ever dress C in ESPRIT clothing and take pictures of him.

Let's not forget when S gave the scripture in primary and substituted the word "constipation" for "confirmation" and the time we were stopped at a stop light and I handed a homeless guy one of mom's "car granola bars". S exclaimed "um excuse me but why are we selling granola bars?".

She is so obedient. During the summers when she is only allowed one treat, I'm always offering others and she'll say "let me ask my mom".

I WORSHIP this girl and what an imagination. Someday I do hope she'll get to sleep in the pasture with the horses at horsecamp.