Today I had C's first parent-teacher conference, as well as an ISP meeting for Oz. It was one of those days where Amy and I tag teamed all day with the kids, and I wondered how I manage to ever be a mom by myself without the help of my friends. Oh right, I don't. 

The ISP meeting went well, and Oz is going to start receiving speech therapy 2x per week. I don't think it'll do a whole lot for him until his tubes are put in, but it will be good to have him get used to the person so hopefully his talking will take off once he can hear. I'm sure as soon as he starts to talk, and is one more voice demanding things from me, I'll take back this post. But for now, I want the little guy to be able to communicate. We are both getting pretty frustrated with his inability to tell me what he wants. I'm so grateful we live in a place where he can get all these services, for free no less!

The conference went great too. C's teacher said all great things about him, and how well he's adapted. What struck me the most is how she's got him nailed... she knows exactly what his strengths are, and how to help him with his weaknesses. It felt great to know that his teacher really knows him, and enjoys him. My only complaint about the conference was that she didn't talk at all about Travis. 


darcie said...

so long as the speech therapist has a black bob and abrupt set of bangs and speaks spanish, i think he'll be up and blabbing in no time.

Mom/Nana said...

I don't get it. Why would C's teacher talk about Travis????

It is so wonderful to see C thrive in his new wonderful school. ALso thanks to a year at Sarah Lawerence (sp?) preschool.

sara said...

i really should see if i can get the speech therapist to dress up as dora. great idea, darcie! or maybe i could get a tico the squirrel costume. although i believe his favorite character is swiper.

mom: exactly. why would she talk about travis? and yet, after i gave him the run-down on the conference travis asked me if she said anything about him. you know how he loves it when people talk about him!

Yah Yah said...

Who is Travis???

Funny, I didn't get that Darcie [such a clever gal that darcie] was referring to Dora. It is so funny b/c of the Thanksgiving Polls I have received from Rand's family, EVERY ONE of them refers to Dora in what they say about OZ.

Wish i could squeeze and kiss him right now - unless I had the chance to do the same w/Chris Martin instead it may be a tossup.