Summer Recap

Well, we're four days into February and already, I'm suffering. I never do well in February. By now I'm so OVER winter, and cold, and snow and ice and wind, that I slip into a weather-related depression/funk. Since I never posted much about our summer adventures, I thought now might be a good time to reflect on days past. Days that were much, much warmer.

These pictures are from the last week in my old house. We had this beautiful bush outback... it was kind of like a lilac bush, but blue. It smelled awesome. My mom had come out to help me pack up the house, and it's a good thing she did. I NEVER would have finished in time, what with the broken ankle and the C of O drama. It's good to post this because even though it was warm when I took these photos, I'm so happy to not be living this time of my life. It was a stress fest.

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Sally DeFord said...

The bush is a hydrangea. I love them and they do not grow well out west. The are an eastern beauty I miss. I'm so over winter too. There isn't any snow outside here and it's even pretty warm but spring planting is so far away!