DC Diaries


At first Dave was excited Brig and I decided to crash his business trip, but as we attempted to get our 12 billion bags / stroller / car seat through check in and security I could see him beginning to look at us as liabilities instead of assets. Luckily our own row on the airplane + 1 angelic baby made for a very successful flight! Brig only cried a total of 60 seconds. It helped that Dave had some baby Einstein music and his noise cancelling head phones on hand. Once the headphones were on Brig froze and did not move a muscle for 30 minutes.

We headed straight to the Georgetown Ritz Carlton and took a minute to relax. We laid Brig down on the bed so he could stretch out and with-in 90 seconds he fell asleep. Apparently he is a fan of high thread count and down.

Next we were off to find the National Mall. We walked by the department of interior and Dave said, "Hey, that is Ken Salazar's new assignment. I bet he is in there." I point this out only because we ended up walking past the department of interior another 5 times in the next 40 minutes (we were lost.) Each time we happened upon the department of interior it felt like Ken Salazar was slapping us in the face.

When we finally made it to the National Museum of Air and Space Dave made me stand by this exhibit for a picture. Turned out he thought it would make an excellent science project for Brig. Apparently we are really planning ahead.

We LOVED this museum. That night we went to a oyster bar in Georgetown and got - hamburgers, what else? Dave ordered the cheeseburger and I ordered the cheeseburger sliders. I figured a big plate full of small cheeseburgers was way better than just one burger. Oh how wrong I was. My plate came and there were 3 cheeseburgers each the size of a quarter. Dave's hamburger was more football sized. I finished my 3 burgers in 3 bites and proceeded to beg Dave for fries, lettuce scraps, ketchup droppings, whatever I could scavenge. Never again!


Dave had to work so Brig and I were on our own the rest of the days. I woke up and turned on the news. Immediately I was bombarded with "WINTER STORM WARNING" and "ICE STORM" and "ALL THE DC SCHOOLS ARE CLOSED" and "STAY INSIDE!" So I put Brig down for a nap, took a bath, and tried to decide what to do. After he woke up I decided I might as well and try a walk. We could always return to the hotel. The Ritz staff saw me coming down the hall with my stroller and tried to get me a cab, give me an umbrella, anything to shield us from the storm. I told them we would be fine. I walked outside and there was maybe 1 inch of beautiful snow. Unbelievable!

We walked around for 3 1/2 hours looking at the amazing homes, the university, and the shopping district. At 2pm I was starving to death and intimidated by all the cute little restaurants. I tried to find something easy and familiar. Minutes later I saw a guy walk by with a Chipotle bag - BINGO! So I followed him. It took me 10 minutes of tailing this guy, at a break-neck speed, pushing my stroller through the snow, flying off curbs - when it donned on me. If this guy HAD a Chipotle bag, he probably wasn't heading to Chipotle. So I turned and walked in the opposite direction and finally found it.

That night I made up for my lame lunch by going to a cute little Italian restaurant with Dave for dinner. Poor Brig was so wiped out from our big day he passed out on my lap.


We switched hotels and moved to the Ritz in Pentagon City. I was nervous about navigating the subways with my stroller, so I put on my yellow coat, put on the Bjorn, put Brig in his grey fleece get up, and put him on. We went to the Holocaust museum which was amazing. When we arrived at the museum they asked if I wanted to check my coat. I said no.


Like anyone in DC would even remotely consider stealing my giant yellow coat.

After 15 minutes both Brig and I were SWEATING TO DEATH. I finally took him out of his sleeping bag thing and just carried it (while carrying him.) But I had to leave on the furnace (coat). In addition my back was pleading for relief due to the 18 lbs baby strapped to me. By the end of the tour I decided no amount of intimidation would keep me from using my stroller the next day.

That night we got some Thai food and took Brig for a dip in the hotel pool. It was a literal dip as when we got in the pool we realized it was freezing cold and got right out.


This was my favorite day. I survived the subway and made it to the National Museum of Art. I walked around for 30 minutes wondering who I was trying to impress, after all I was alone, and let's be honest, not a big fan of old art. So I left and headed over to my new true love, my new home land - The Museum of Natural History. I LOVED THIS MUSEUM! I couldn't get enough of the dinosaurs, mammals, giant whale replicas, etc. A++++. I loved it so much I decided I had to try to take a picture to capture the moment. Taking a picture of yourself is tricky as is. But taking a picture of yourself, with an IPHONE, that doesn't have a button, just a "touch" button that can't be seen from the other side of the phone proved impossible.

Below is my best picture. Yes, I said best.

They had a butterfly pavilion exhibit that Brig went crazy for. He flapped his arms and legs like...well...a butterfly. His highlight was when one landed on his arm and he tried to grab it.

That night we got some Mexican food with Dave and packed up.


The next day we headed home. We gave Brig his first real "food" and let him suck on my apple core. Big mistake. He would scream every time we tried to take it away. Other than that, he was a great baby on the return flight.

I fully intend to crash all of Dave's upcoming business trips. We had a great time!


em said...

I already love little brig!

Michemily said...

That picture at the Museum of Natural History is awesome. You've become a woolly mama. :) I really liked this post.

sara said...

For one, the reason you couldn't take off your coat is because you were all strapped into the Bjorn. I can't tell you how many times I've found myself strapped like this, with no where to lay down the baby while I take off my coat. I feel your pain.

I love the science fair picture. This is classic Dave, of course. Brig will have the most pimped out, amazing science fair projects ever, I'm sure. Plus I love the way it looks like it might be YOUR science fair project.

I love the North Face hat in any and all pictures. I would have enjoyed a picture of you in the cold hotel pool wearing said hat.

Welcome to the Northeast's extreme reaction to snow. When it snows even a millimeter, people are at the store in droves, "stocking up" on milk, bread, and eggs. Please. They act like the world might end when they hear the words 3-6 inches, and school is cancelled at the mere mention of snow. I try to adapt to this behavior, but it still blows me away at times.

All in all, looks like a great trip! Now that we know Brig is an excellent traveler, may I propose a trip out to NYC in the spring?

M-Ann said...

I love DC. Those are our fav museums too. You need to come back in a couple years when Brig is older for Kite Flying day on the National Mall. And you need to call me next time!!!!

Natalee said...

Isn't traveling with kids crazy? (or kid). They come with so much, carseat, stroller, bjorn, snacks, pack/play, and when Brig gets a little older mini DVD player a must. Sometimes I almost opt for driving than going through the stress of flying (almost).
Science project cracked me up.

Christina said...

I'm boiling with envy as I read what an angel Brig was!!! I hope I get an easier baby this next go around. :) I am so glad everything went so well and you had such a great time.

Oh and I am jealous of your bath at the Ritz!!!