National Western Stock Show

Brig loved the animals, hated the rodeo. It was way...too...loud. It took us 5 minutes to realize he was crying while he sat on our lap. Nevertheless, it was a fantastic evening.


Travis said...

So cute that Brig!

sara said...

Um... Did Brig do a costume change in the middle of the stock show? Just wondering why he's wearing two different outfit.

Or did you actually take him to TWO stock shows? One is never enough.

carrie said...

He did in fact have a costume change - but it was more of a top layer, bottom layer thing to go with the current temperature.

Although I would have enjoyed a repeat visit. Scout would have LOVED it!!! Especially the dog obstacle course/competition.

Ashley said...

I wish we could of gone! That looks like so much fun, and I love the picture with dave and the two boys. Pretty cute little guys!