Summer Recap III

We went on lots of adventures all over the greater Denver area while in Colorado, but we also spent a lot of time just hanging at Nana and Grampa's house (the former domain of Ashes the cat). I'm not going to lie to you... there was a TON of TV watching, by kids big and small. Since we don't have cable, when my kids are exposed to regular television (particularly Cartoon Network) they go crazy. We watched a lot of Chowder, Avatar, Jimmy Neutron, Yugioh and Bakugan. Is it me or do all kids shows feature animals that live in balls and come out to fight each other?

It's also so funny how into the commercials my big kids are. They're not used to them, and they watch them with the same attention and interest as the shows. For example, one day Scout said, "Mom, do you have any old jewelry you don't want any more?" I thought about some of my old bead necklaces and thought I could part with a couple of them, thinking she wanted to wear something pretty. Oh no. Next she said, "Mom, you can turn your old jewelry into CASH!" Apparently she had seen that commercial where they want to buy your old gold. Nice.

There are two high chairs at Nana's, which works out really well for all the little grandkids. But they also come in handy with the bigger kids, who for some reason take most of their meals in the high chairs, even though they are way, way too big for them. Maybe they like being at the same height as the TV?

Another fun activity was making homemade ice cream. The kids loved it. Note that the ice cream was being made at about 8 PM, and Scout is still in her bathing suit. Also very indicative of a typical summer day. She puts it on first thing in the morning and only takes it off to go to bed. You'd think she'd get cold.


carrie said...

Man that is the life. I would kill to be in my pjs, sitting in a highchair, while people fed me grilled cheese and ice cream as i watched my favorite TV program.

I'm so ready for you guys to return for another visit!

darcie said...

man that is the life! whoa, i just looked up and saw carrie said the exact same thing. i think anyone reading this post is dreaming of spending weeks on end in their swimsuits having their nana make yummy concoctions. is this what celebrities do while they're not filming/touring?

Design Mom said...

Loving the summer recaps! They are warming me.

I am cracking up at seeing your kids in the high chairs. That is awesome. And could only happen at a Grandma's house.

Travis said...

Design Mom: it's at Nanna's house; not Grandmas!